Hotel pest control

Hospitality Pest Control

When you own or manage a hospitality business, it’s important that your clients and guests feel comfortable. Pests such as rodents and cockroaches don’t inspire a relaxing environment for most hotel guests. That is why regular professional pest control is vital for keeping a safe and clean hospitality business running.

Common Pests Found In Hotels & Event Centers

Bed Bugs

Bed bugs are a major concern for hotels. As hotel guests come in and out of them, they may bring unwelcome guests along with them. A child’s security blanket, a special neck pillow or a cooling blanket could all be a transportation device from their home to your hotel. After a bed bug has arrived, an infestation is usually quick to follow.

Often to completely get rid of bed bugs many people will destroy or discard the mattress, box spring and other parts of the bedroom set. This is a costly process for a single-dwelling family but even bigger for a hospitality location with multiple bedding.


Cockroaches are one of the most skin-crawl-inducing pests out there. They carry diseases and are an allergy aggravator. While cockroaches tend to hide in the shadows, they will sometimes get caught in the light, and you can be confident that there are more where that came from.


Ants have a hive mindset and tend to live in work in groups of hundreds. If food is left out or dropped under a hotel bed or event table, not one ant but a long line of them are soon to follow. Ants can leave painful and itchy bite marks. A vacation where you share your room with an insect is probably somewhere you won’t visit again.


While your guest may come and go without noticing signs of termites if they are there you can believe they are leaving their mark. Termites break down buildings from the inside out, often causing cosmetic and structural damage before you notice it. Having regular termite inspections is essential for keeping your business termite-free.

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