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Wasp Removal San Antonio

Whether you call them hornets, Yellow Jackets or Mud Daubers, they’re all wasps. There are 20,000 species of wasps, but most people are only familiar with social wasps like hornets and Yellow Jackets. A social wasp nest can hold up to 10,000 individuals at its peak. While they do help to control the population of other garden pests, they don’t share the positive honey-producing and pollinating qualities of the common honeybee. (Fig Wasps are responsible for for pollinating up to 1,000 species of fig trees.)

Safe Wasp Nest Removal

Unlike bees, wasps can sting multiple times. When provoked or threatened, wasps become very aggressive and will swarm. To avoid painful stings and possible allergic reactions, call a professional pest control company to safely remove wasp nests on your property. If you are stung, and experience nausea, extreme swelling, lightheadedness or more, seek medical attention immediately. Also, if a wasp is swatted or has stung near their nest, vacate the area. When a wasp stings, it releases a venom containing a pheromone that triggers aggression in nearby wasps.

Professional Wasp Removal Company

Apple Pest Control has over 35 years of experience removing wasp nests in San Antonio, Helotes and the surrounding areas. Take back your backyard. Schedule your wasp removal services today!

Wasp Removal Reviews

“A colony of yellow jackets invaded our wooden deck and made it impossible for us to enjoy our backyard. George from Apple came, exactly when we expected him, and blasted them with insecticide. He took up some of the deck boards, removed the nests, and treated the area further to assure that they were completely gone. We have always been pleased with the service we’ve received from Apple Pest Control, and especially from George. They stand by their work, and we highly recommend them. Five Stars!”

— William P. via Google 08/11/2021

“I had thought of putting a fence around the area instead of killing the yellow jackets but, when Aaron educated me on the yellow jackets behavior pattern, I agreed to have the nest eradicated for the safety of my dogs and my neighbor’s dog. The treatment proved effective. To my pleasant surprise, Aaron gave me a follow-up call on Monday. Everything went well. Highly recommend their service.”

–Renee N. via Angie’s List 10/17/2014


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