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Organic Pest Control in San Antonio

We use low-impact, ECO-Smart® Organics to protect the environment. One of the unique aspects of Apple Pest Control is the use of chemicals and treatment procedures that are considered to be lower in toxicity. Apple is not a “totally organic” company but many of the products we use are “natural”. In many cases, “organic” is a poor label for chemical selection in that some “organic” chemicals can be pretty toxic. The company’s objective is to provide quality organic pest control in a responsible manner using products that are selected on their basis of efficacy as well as toxicity.

Essential Oils for Pest Control

Did you know that the essential oils from Cedarwood, Geranium, Cinnamon Bark and more are proven to naturally repel insects? In addition to ECO-Smart Organic pest control solutions, Apple Pest Control offers products and education on using DoTerra essential oils in and around your home to naturally repel insects. Call today for more information on natural pest control and our natural solutions classes. Our goal is to provide San Antonio and Helotes residents with as many organic pest control options as possible. Ask how essential oils can help with your pest control regimen!

Chemical-Free Pest Control Treatments

Apple Pest Control is proud to be the exclusive installation company for the Bug Out™ Weep Hole Insect Barrier System in the San Antonio area. We’ve serviced the area for San Antonio pest control services since 1984.

Weep Holes Services

Weep holes are cavities that allow ventilation and the space between bricks and the frame walls to breath. These areas are the perfect shelter for numerous types of insects and reptiles like lizards and snakes.  The design and intent of Bug Out™ Weep Hole Insect Barriers is twofold. Of utmost concern is the importance of allowing the weep holes and the cavity space to perform as intended.  The main consideration is to prevent undesirable pests accessibility to the cavity from the weep hole opening and ultimately to the family living areas.

Other Chemical-Free Pest Control options include caulking cracks and crevices around doors and windows, making sure weather stripping around entry points are in good condition, and copper mesh installation in weep holes around the exterior of the house.

Don’t forget to ask about our organic commercial pest control services for green businesses and more!