Pest Control in San Antonio


If you’re looking for quality pest control services in San Antonio, TX and the surrounding areas, you’ve come to the right place! Apple Pest Control has nearly 40 years of experience in protecting homes from common (and not-so-common) pests! At Apple Pest Control, our family takes care of yours! As a family-owned and operated company, we put pride and care into every aspect of our work.


Safe Pest Control

Insects and other pests can invade your home and become an annoying problem in a very short amount of time. Some insects like ants, roaches, grain beetles and flies contaminate and damage food products. They can also carry and transmit diseases such as E. coli, salmonella and other hazardous viruses. Other insects like scorpions, centipedes, spiders, wasps and bees can inflict painful stings, cause serious illness or even death. The severe allergic reactions often caused by these stings lead us to always recommend using a professional for wasp and bee nest removals.

Professional Pest Control

For professional bee removal, snake removal, insect extermination and more, call the team at Apple Pest Control! Our family-owned and operated pest control business has been safely removing unwanted pests since 1984. For honesty, dependability and the best technicians in the business, choose Apple Pest Control!

Apple Pest Control Services in San Antonio:

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    Wildlife Removal

  • cockroach exterminator san antonio

    Cockroach Extermination

  • tick pest control san antonio

    Flea & Tick Control

  • mosquito pest control san antonio

    Mosquito Control

  • wasp pest control san antonio

    Wasp Removal Services

  • snake removal san antonio

    Snake Removal

  • ant control company san antonio

    Ant Control

  • termite control company in San Antonio

    Termite Control

  • humane wildlife control in san antonio

    Commercial Pest Control

  • termite control company in San Antonio

    Bed Bug Treatment

  • termite control company in San Antonio

    Bee Removal

  • termite control company in San Antonio

    Rodent Control



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