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fire ant control san antonio tx

Ant Control In San Antonio

Ants are the number one pest problem in San Antonio. Whether they’re fire ants turning your backyard into a minefield, invading your kitchen, or wreaking havoc on your outdoor electrical equipment, their status as unwelcome guests remains the same.

Ant Prevention

Understanding the behavior of an ant plays a major role in their control and prevention. Ant pheromones, especially in fire ants, are powerful signals that lead the way to food, shelter, conflict and more. At Apple Pest Control, we understand the importance of destroying the entire colony to eliminate these signals and create treatment plans accordingly. Contact us today for ant control and prevention services!

Ants in Your Home

There are many reasons that ants may enter your home including foraging for food and water and seeking shelter from the elements. They are capable of entering through the smallest openings and will do so to reach sweets, proteins and grease-based foods. In addition to the obvious ‘bugs don’t belong inside’ factor, ants can destroy electrical equipment, destroy your yard, ruin stored foods and more.

Typical Ants in Your Area

Professional Ant Control

Don’t wait to live a pest-free life, call Apple Pest Control or fill out a contact form today! We’ll schedule your appointment, show up on time, and make sure your ant problems are a thing of the past!

Ant Control Reviews

“Did some work with some wood ants. Did a good job, didn’t ask for any contract and completed the treatment. By the afternoon all the ants were gone. The product worked great and cured the problem. Very reasonable pricing. Didn’t try to sell anything I didn’t need.”
–Louis W. via Angie’s List 7/29/2015

“The service person thoroughly sprayed around the exterior of my home and it did stop the ants. It has been about 2 1/2 months and the ants haven’t returned.”
–Andrea I. via Angie’s List 08/23/15