gnats lay eggs in damp soil

San Antonio and Helotes Gnat Control

There’s nothing spookier than a ghost of gnats haunting your home’s airspace. These quickly reproducing insects can often be found in kitchens, feeding off of plants, food waste and can sometimes prefer blood, leaving irritating bites. If you’re wondering how to get rid of gnats, you’re in the right place!

Gnat Yard Treatment

Similar to a mosquito treatment, Apple Pest Control will treat the exterior of your home and other gnat-infested areas to kill existing gnats and prevent their eggs from hatching. Gnats lay their eggs in damp soil. One way to prevent more from hatching indoors is to let the soil of any indoor plants fully dry before watering again.

Is Your Kitchen Attracting Gnats?

Gnats tend to pop up in areas where there is plenty of food and somewhere to lay their eggs. Kitchens, with dirty garbage disposals, meal leftovers and plants in the window sill make an ideal location for the next generation of gnats to be born. For targeted pest control to remove large swarms of gnats, call Apple Pest Control today!

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