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San Antonio and Helotes Mosquito Control

There are roughly 175 species of mosquito found in the United States. To most people, that’s 175 too many. If your yard is a haven for mosquitoes, something as simple as throwing a ball for your dog or grilling a quick burger can turn into an itchy and annoying experience.

Mosquito Yard Treatment

Tired of spending money on mosquito repelling sprays, candles and clothing? Apple Pest Control will put a stop to the buzzing and the biting! Our mosquito control services will protect your family and pets from becoming a meal or two for those pesky bloodsuckers. We’ll treat the exterior of your home and the mosquito-prone areas to kill existing mosquitoes and prevent the laying of eggs in the area. (Female mosquitoes can lay up to 300 eggs at at time)

Is Your Yard A Mosquito Haven?

Mosquitoes lay their eggs on stagnant water, where they will hatch and mature into adult mosquitoes within two weeks. Make sure that your yard is landscaped to avoid standing water. Something as innocent as a bird feeder can serve as the perfect home for hundreds of potential mosquitoes.

Fun Fact: Mosquitoes can smell human breath and will follow your CO2 trails to find their next meal.

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