1. Get rid of standing water.

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Puddles and hot tubs can be a lot of fun. Birdbaths are pretty to look at. You know what else they’re good for? Bringing new mosquitoes into the world. Female mosquitoes require stagnant water to lay their eggs. Deny them that, and they won’t settle down in your yard. Our advice: Empty bird baths once a week, fill or level any areas of your yard prone to puddles, and keep unused hot tubs securely covered.

2. Plant mosquito-repelling flowers around your home.

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Flowers aren’t just for confessing your love, they can also keep mosquitoes away by just being themselves. Go flowers! A few good options for keeping bloodsuckers at bay are Marigolds, Lavender, Basil, Rosemary and lemon-scented Germaniums.

3. Mow your lawn more often.

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Tall grass and weeds make great hideouts for mosquitoes. Mowing your lawn regularly (and removing the clippings afterwards) will make your front and back yards less welcoming to mosquitoes.

As always, if a pest is giving you problems, you can always call Apple Pest Control. If it bugs you, it bugs us!