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One of the quickest ways to ruin nice weather and backyard enthusiasm is to find out your beloved deck is ridden with termites. Termites can easily and quickly chew through wood and decompose your deck. In order to ensure this nightmare doesn’t come to life for you and your family, we wanted to provide you with a few ways to protect your deck from termites for this year and years to come.


Pick the right wood

If you are already a proud deck owner, this tip might not be too helpful. However, if you are looking to build or even repair a deck in the near future, choosing the right wood is a key part of termite prevention. We recommend looking into any hard or pressure-treated wood, as these are not a favorite snack of termites.


Block out moisture

Just like humans, bugs (termites included) need the essentials to survive. Therefore, termites will be anywhere they can find sources for both food and water. This is why it is so important to keep your deck dry. Make sure there are no leaks in the deck and that it can drain water properly.


Keep it well maintained

Think of your deck just as you would your yard or garden. The less you maintain it, the more likely you are to find bugs and others calling it home. Be sure to repair any cracks in the deck that act as an open door to the rest of your deck for. The trick is to make your deck as unwelcoming as possible for the unwanted guests.



One of the best ways to ensure you maintain a termite-free deck is by spraying pesticides. There are two types of termite pesticides out there. One will act as a repellent while the second will kill current termites found in your deck. Both pesticides are only for professional use. Therefore we suggest contacting a professional like Apple Pest Control to help protect your deck for those nights you want to spend outside.




how to treat termites

As winter turns to spring, you may discover that you’ve picked up some new roommates – termites. Rain and warmer temperatures trigger the emergence of termites from colonies, which can then infest your home. If you are finding winged termites near your foundation, porch or patio, or see mud tubes near your foundation, then you will need the help of a professional to investigate if you have an infestation.


It can be tempting to attempt to eradicate termites on your own, but you will need the help of a professional for proper termite control. It can be difficult to properly identify the signs of a termite investigation, so you will need professional help even for the initial states of removing termites. If there is a termite infestation, leaving it untreated or improperly treated can lead to severe damage to the structure of your home. It is crucial to deal with the problem immediately to avoid greater issues in the future.


Getting rid of termites requires special skills and detailed knowledge of building construction. A hired professional will be able to properly identify critical areas where termites can enter a home, which may be difficult for a layperson to access. Professionals also have training in heavy-duty tools that are used in termite control, such as drills and spray tanks. Many termite infestations require the use of large quantities of liquid pesticides injected into the ground and foundation, which is not feasible for the average homeowner. Products available for purchase for homeowners will not fully eradicate termites.


Long-term termite damage to your home is costly and dangerous. Improperly treating the problem will lead to a greater hassle down the line. All of these problems can be avoided by hiring a trained professional who is experienced in termite identification and eradication. If you are looking for a San Antonio pest control company, contact Apple Pest Control for information on services and pricing. Our team of experienced professionals will provide excellent service for all of your pest control needs.

Due to their name, we tend to only think of bed bugs as living in our beds. I mean, they’ve earned their name for a reason, right? Well, yes… and no. It is highly common to find bed bugs calling your bed their new home, but the truth of the matter is bed bugs just prefer a habitat that is surrounded by humans. That leaves much more of your home up for lease by these unwanted tenets. So if bed bugs are named for the places they call home, here are some of their other names.

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spider, pest control

Spider bites can be a terrifying experience. While many spiders are harmless and their bites do not need medical attention, some spider bites are a cause for concern. If you’ve been bitten by a spider, there are steps you can take to minimize harm and take care of yourself properly.
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organic garden

It is true…not all insects are bad. In fact, there are some that we want to attract like. As 2019 rolls in and our minds focus on the new year and the spring season that lies ahead of us, gardening can be the perfect breath of fresh air (literally). More specifically, butterfly gardens are designed to attract butterflies as an organic way to pollinate your garden – not to mention their beauty. Here are a few tips to attract butterflies to your garden.
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At Apple Pest Control, we also care about your families personal health and would like to share information about some of our favorite dōTERRA essential oils. This month, we’d like to introduce you to the dōTERRA Patchouli oil which is commonly used in scented products and air fresheners. Here is a more detailed breakdown on the oil:
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snake removal

If you’re scared of snakes, you’re not alone. Around 51% of people say snakes freak them out, according to a Gallup poll. Imagine walking into the kitchen and seeing a snake coiled up on the floor at your feet. Luckily, most house snakes are smaller because they can fit through the gaps. If you can call a pest control company for snake removal, keep any children and pets away from the area and keep an eye on the snake while you call. While it’s best to call a pest control company for snake removal, sometimes not interacting with the snake isn’t always an option. Here is what to do if you find a snake in your home:

  • Remain calm and try not to disturb the snake or drive it into hiding.
  • If it is possible to get it out the door, grab a broom and gently guide the snake out the door. Safety comes first, make sure you are careful if you are trying to handle the snake yourself.
  • If the snake is coiled, place a trash can or bucket over it with some weight on top and wait for a pest control company to come.

If you are unsure if the snake is poisonous, it is best to leave it for professionals to take care of and remove from your property. Once the snake is removed from your home, you want to safeguard against any further invasions. Most likely, it slithered in through a small gap or hole in your house. Finding these and fixing them will prevent any future snakes making an unwelcome visit to your home. If you have a snake in your walls, do not try to coax it out of hiding. Call a pest control company to come and remove it from your walls.

Finding a reliable and knowledgeable pest company doesn’t need to be difficult – Apple Pest Control is here for all your pest needs. Snake removal and helping you prevent future visits are part of our service. Call Apple Pest Control for prevention or snake removal.

In the colder seasons, people regularly find ants, rodents and other pests in their AC units. These pests find their way into homes in search of warmth, food and shelter. These incidents often result in damage to your HVAC system, so it’s important to know which pests you might encounter and how to keep them at bay.
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Natural Repellent for Raccoons

Natural Repellents for Common Winter Pests

As we head into the holiday months, there are several signals that tell us winter is on the way. Whether it’s the changing leaves, cooler weather or homemade gingerbread, winter is a time for families to gather around and share timeless memories. Moments like these should be cherished, nurtured and uninterrupted.

Unfortunately, this theory doesn’t apply to pests.

Winter pests are the ultimate enemy of warm, cozy households. While it’s good to check for all types of pests, certain pests are more likely to pay you a visit during the holiday season.

Natural Mice Repellent

Usually found in dark, secluded areas, mice are one of the most common pests found in households. They can not only destroy the structure of your home but spread unwanted diseases, as well. If you’re looking for a natural repellent to mice, mothballs are a tried and true trick that will scare away the furry creatures.

Natural Cockroach Repellent

They say cockroaches never die, but boy can they hide! No matter the season, cockroaches can fit inside even the smallest of cracks. They are obsessively attracted to food and moisture, so be sure to clean every corner of your home.

Natural Repellent For Raccoons

Some people find raccoons repulsive, yet others find them cute. Advice? Stay away! Raccoons are a prime host of rabies. They like to hide in chimneys, wooded areas, trash cans and even vents. Ammonia has been known to work well in preventing a raccoon sighting. While raccoons can be found during other seasons, winter is their favorite time to find a home away from home: yours.

At Apple Pest Control, we know how important the holiday season is. Whether it’s organic or standard pest control, we can guarantee professional and effective results for all your maintenance needs. Oh, and the safety of your homemade gingerbread of course.

Essential Oils for Pest Control

In today’s society, essential oils have quickly begun to complement modern-day medicine to promote safe and natural healing processes. Contrary to popular belief, oils are used for more than just stress relief. Each essential oil can play a factor in several roles, but there are few that can accomplish getting rid of everyone’s worst nightmare: pests.
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