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Summer offers many great opportunities for swimming, vacations, waterparks, and many more fun activities but it also brings the heat and the vicious mosquitos along with it! Don’t let these bugs ruin your summer by using these natural remedies to not only keep them away, but relieve the itchy bites in no time. 

Am I Allergic Or Is It Just A Mosquito Bite?

For starters, only female mosquitoes bite in order to nourish their developing eggs with the richest blood they can find. Even worse, they prefer to bite in places of the body that have blood vessels closest to the surface. When these female mosquitoes bite, they inject a small amount of saliva into the bite so your blood doesn’t clot. Our bodies react by producing histamine which then triggers inflammation, irritation, and itching. 

Natural Mosquito Repellents 

Even though it may seem impossible to keep the mosquitos off of you, there are some natural repellents that can help avoid all of those annoying bites. If possible, place a barrier between your skin and the bugs to avoid being vulnerable. Most of the time in the heat of summer the less clothing, the better so that is when natural repellents come in handy. Most chemically-based repellents are harmful to our bodies in the long run, so consider these natural repellents

  • Oil of lemon eucalyptus has been proven to be effective and safe for individuals 3 years and older. Some chemically-based repellents include this oil already, so why not just take the toxic chemicals out of the equation. 
  • Garlic oil tablets or juice rubbed directly on the skin could potentially fight off the vicious mosquitoes. Some people even swear by eating slivered garlic to ward off the summer pests in order for them to not even be attracted to your sweat. 
  • Apple cider vinegar either rubbed on the skin or used in your food could also prevent any insects, but especially mosquitoes from biting you. 

Best Way to Relieve Bites and Itching 

Icing the mosquito bite area right after it happens can reduce swelling and itching immediately. Even though itching the bite is the fastest relief, it will only make it worse. Consider applying a hydrocortisone cream and wait for that to take the annoying itch away. If you wish to stay away from harsh chemicals, white vinegar, baking soda, and oatmeal are all great things to rub on a bite in order to relieve the itch and irritation. 

How to Keep Mosquitoes Away 

Even though it may not always be possible to keep 100% of the mosquitoes away, keeping them at a minimum is a far better solution. The biggest concern is whether or not there is any standing water available on your property because that is the best breeding ground for a mosquito. If you are into gardening, there are many plants that help keep the mosquitoes away which include:

  • Basil
  • Anise 
  • Coriander 
  • Marigolds 
  • Chrysanthemums 
  • Asters 
  • Daises 

If you do not wish to go through the upkeep of plants or herbs then you could always burn a little sage or rosemary over coals to repel mosquitoes. Even just providing the burning smell of the various plants they do not favor could keep them away. 

There is a long list of sworn remedies that keep away mosquitoes, but Apple Pest Control guarantees that all of these will do the trick. We also offer services to treat the exterior of your home and inspect for mosquito-prone areas in order to kill existing mosquitoes and prevent those females from laying more eggs. Contact us today for any of your pest-related needs!

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tiger mosquito, mosquito control

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Mosquitoes are vectors for many diseases like West Nile and Zika. It is important to know how to protect yourself from them and help prevent their breeding sites around your home. Below we have gathered and listed simple steps to stop mosquitoes from getting out of control:

  • Birdbaths: Clean Weekly.
  • Chain Link Fence: Cap or seal uncapped fence pipes.
  • Containers: Cover or turn upside down.
  • Decorative Ponds: Stock with fish that eat mosquitoes.
  • Drains: Keep outdoor drains flowing.
  • Flat Roofs: Inspect for puddles after it rains.
  • Irrigation: Do no overwater.
  • Lawn Ornaments: Check for areas that hold water.
  • Tool Sheds: Clean weekly and keep covered.
  • Playground: Drill drainage holes in tire swings and any playground equipment that holds water.

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