Keep Your Home Pest-Free This Winter

When the weather gets cold, most of us rush inside to snuggle up by the fire. Unfortunately, some pests may get the same idea. During colder months, certain insects and animals seek a warm escape from the outdoors, often taking shelter in people’s houses. Because of this, it’s best to know what critters to look out for when the temperature drops!
If you’re dealing with unexpected visitors, Apple Pest Control can help you give them the boot! We have experience handling various pests, including several varieties of mammals and insects. Read on to learn what critters may seek shelter in the comfort of your home.


San Antonio, renowned for its iconic attractions like the historic Alamo and scenic River Walk, also grapples with a notable challenge — high termite activity. Termites cannot survive in low temperatures, so they gravitate toward warm indoor spaces during cold months.
These pests cause considerable damage to a house’s infrastructure. If they stick around long enough, you may have to invest in significant home repair costs! Some signs that these insects have taken up residence include:

  • Mud tubes
  • Discarded wings
  • Wood damage

Luckily, Apple Pest Control offers professional termite control that can fix your problem before it causes serious damage to your home.


Chirping sounds can be relaxing when sitting around a campfire, but they’re less pleasant when inside your home. These insects may seek warmth inside during the wintertime and fill your house with unwanted noise. If you hear their telltale sound or notice chewed fabric, it’s time to call Apple Pest Control!


If you’ve ever noticed odd lumps of material under your roof’s overhangs, these may be wasp nests. While it’s rare to find a wasp inside your house, nests can accumulate on its exterior and make going outside a hassle. Stings can cause pain, nausea and even allergic reactions!
Because they prefer warm environments, these insects gravitate toward homes during colder months. Luckily, Apple Pest Control offers professional wasp removals to keep your roof clean and your family safe!

Rats And Mice

It’s easy to get spooked seeing a mouse in your house, but mice can cause much more worrying issues. Rodents look for holes to get into your house and find warmth. While gnawing on your infrastructure, they could damage your wiring and cause an electrical fire.
Make sure the only fire in your home is in your fireplace by keeping an eye out for rats and mice. If you notice annoying noises, rodent droppings or nests made of shredded materials, you may have a rodent guest!


Because mosquitoes are common in the spring and summer, many people believe they die off in the winter. Sadly, these insects may be closer than you think. Many survive the cold by nesting in wall cavities and filling your home with their trademark buzzing. If you hear this sound or notice these insects floating around in your space, call an expert on our team to swat them away.
During the winter holidays, your only guests should be friends and family. Watch out for unwelcome critters and call a pest control expert to send them packing!

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While Texas isn’t known for its freezing temperatures, Apple Pest Control knows how to freeze out pests. We offer wildlife removal across San Antonio that will guarantee your only visitors are the ones you’ve invited. Contact us today to learn more about our services and how we can address your problem!