In the summer, mosquitoes are the hot buzz – however, it’s an annoying buzz that many of us would rather live without. It’s important to keep yourself protected from mosquitoes because these pests can carry diseases that are transmittable to humans through their bite. The itch from a mosquito bite is a result of the insect’s saliva causing an allergic reaction under your skin, making the area feel hot and itchy.

If these pests bug you, they bug us! Apple Pest Control specializes in mosquito control to keep families in the San Antonio area comfortable. Here, we’ve compiled three easy ways to get rid of those blood-sucking bullies!

1. Get Rid Of Standing Water

These pests love humidity as much as we love being outside in the summer. Areas with standing water like hot tubs, kiddie pools, bird baths and puddles are hotbeds for mosquitoes. All it takes is a little bit of stagnant water for a female mosquito to lay her eggs.

Here are some rules of thumb when it comes to removing stagnant water:

  • Empty your bird bath once a week.
  • Remove tree stumps where rain water can collect.
  • Get rid of any open containers you have lying around.
  • Level any area of your yard that’s prone to puddles.
  • Properly cover your hot tub or kiddie pool while not in use.

Always keep an eye on areas where standing water is and monitor them so pesky friends don’t multiply!

2. Keep Mosquito Repellants Around Your Home

Just as humans love to camp outside, bugs love to camp inside! Keeping mosquito treatments both inside and outside of your house will prevent these pests from pitching a base camp in your space.

A great way to hold off mosquitoes outside is to plant bug-repellant plants. Flowers such as marigolds and plants like rosemary and citronella add colorful beauty to your backyard as well as make our blood-sucking friends turn their heads. Remember to apply protection like mosquito repellant (available in aerosol and cream options) when you’re planning to spend time outdoors.

When inside, fans and fly swatters are low-cost options to get rid of mosquitoes. Adding screens to your outside doors can provide an extra layer of safety against bug bites while in the comfort of your home.

3. Mow Your Yard Often

As the grass begins to grow, so does the mosquito population. This is not a town you want to grow long grass in citizens – when you see that your lawn is starting to grow tall, it’s time to cut it short. Keeping your grass trimmed as well as removing the clippings helps keep the bugs to a minimum.

While you want to keep your lawn green, remember to water mindfully. This will keep the grass healthy while reducing the risk of stagnant water puddles, which attracts mosquitoes.

Getting Rid Of Mosquitoes

Living in Texas means that we live side by side with mosquitoes, thanks to the humidity. We at Apple Pest Control want to help you get rid of unwanted guests in and around your house.

Our San Antonio area pest control services prioritize dependability and efficiency. Don’t let mosquitoes bug you – contact us today!