Wasp Nest Removal Services

If you’re like many homeowners, the sight of a wasp nest can bring a sense of dread and even fear. After all, wasp stings hurt like the dickens, and removing those pesky insects can lead to a swarm of fury! So what should you do if you find a wasp nest on your property?

At Apple Pest Control, we’re proud to be your San Antonio wasp exterminator. If you’re wondering how to approach wasp nest removal, we’re here to help. Here are some steps to take if you find these pests on or near your home.

Call The Exterminator

At Apple Pest Control, the best thing we can recommend when it comes to wasp nest removal is professional assistance. When wasps are disturbed, they will sting whatever is bothering them. To prevent personal injury, it’s always best to hire a professional who is trained in bee and wasp removal.

Although hiring an exterminator is the best way to remove this dangerous nuisance, there are a few things you can do as a homeowner to deal with the problem. If you’re looking for a DIY solution, here’s what we recommend.

DIY Wasp Nest Removal

It’s important to note before attempting DIY wasp nest removal that it can be dangerous and lead to painful stings. Only attempt to remove a nest if you’re prepared and aware of the possibility of injury. If you still want to attempt this, follow these steps.

Purchase Protective Gear

It’s always a good idea to wear protective gear when you attempt to remove a wasp nest. Consider wearing the following:

  • A face shield or goggles
  • Tightly woven fabric or layers
  • Long sleeves/pants
  • Thick gloves
  • Long socks and shoes
  • A hat that covers your ears
  • A face mask (if using a pesticide)

All of this gear ensures that most of your body will be shielded from stings in case the wasps become angry.

Purchase Pesticide Spray

At Apple Pest Control, we don’t recommend using a pesticide unless you’re a trained professional. However, it’s a good idea to carry a pesticide with you for protection if you attempt to remove the wasp nest. If the wasps become angry while you’re attempting to remove the nest, spray the pesticide at the nest to prevent swarming.

Approach The Nest At Night

We recommend approaching the nest at night when the wasps are less active and contained inside the nest. These insects are usually less aggressive during the night, which means that the threat of stings is smaller.

Remove The Nest

To remove the nest, slowly place a garbage bag over it until it’s completely covered. Use a stick or a heavily protected hand to detach the nest from wherever it’s located and knock it into the bag. Seal the bag to prevent the wasps from escaping and stinging you.

At this point, you can place the sealed bag into a garbage can located away from your home, or you can place the bag in a 5 US gal bucket with a tight-fitting lid. Keep in mind, to ensure the insects don’t survive, they need to remain sealed for at least a week.

Scheduling Wasp Control San Antonio Relies On

When it comes to bee and wasp removal in San Antonio, Apple Pest Control is on the job. We love to help our neighbors prevent and remove pests from their homes for safer, more enjoyable lives. Call us today to schedule an appointment!