outdoor dining pest control

Eating a meal outside in the summer is a great way to increase your vitamin D intake and spend more time in the fresh air. But how do you make sure that pests like flies, ants and mosquitos leave you alone? There are a few, simple tips to try when eating outside.


The biggest thing to keep in mind would be to stay away from big bodies of water. Bugs are attracted to open water sources and spend most of their time here. So choose your picnic spot wisely!

Food Saftey

In addition, many bugs are attracted to the smell of food. Simply covering up your food will help mask the scent and keep these bugs away. Make sure the garbage can is far away from where you’re sitting – or have a cover for it, if it’s close by.


Finally, there’s a reason most of the anti-bug candles are citrus flavored. Bugs do not like the smell of citrus. That means keeping things like citrus peels nearby may work to keep them away.

Types of Pests

What kind of unwanted visitors are more likely crash your outdoor dining scene? Here are a few of the typical pests to watch out for.

Did you know there are 175 species of mosquitoes in the United States alone? That’s 175 too many for me! Of course, there are remedies you can find at the box stores – like mosquito repellent sprays, candles and clothes. They all have varying levels of success – depending on where you live. If your situation is beyond those entry-level solutions, it’s time to call Apple Pest Control for mosquito control services. We will treat the exterior of your home and any other mosquito-prone areas to kill existing mosquitos and prevent the laying of eggs in the area.

Ants can also be very bothersome when trying to eat outside. Ants are gifted with powerful signals, called pheromones, that lead the way to food. When dealing with ants, it’s most important to destroy their entire colony and eliminate all of the signals they have first. Once the colonies have been destroyed, your pest control specialist will create a treatment plan with your wants and needs in mind.

Wasp nests can be very intimidating, especially when it comes to knocking one down. There can be anywhere from 12-100 wasps per colony. Imagine knocking one of those and out comes 100 wasps – yeah, no thanks! also have services for wasp control and removal. Apple Pest Control has been keeping San Antonio homeowners safe from pests for more than three decades – and we’re ready to help you, as well.

Are you ready to start enjoying your outdoor space this summer? Contact Apple Pest Control today to schedule a free visit and consultation to rid your backyard of any unwanted pests!