Worst Summer Insects

If you love spending time outdoors during summer, you know that the warm weather isn’t without its drawbacks. A number of bugs begin to emerge in the summer, and some of them can be a real problem. While they may be small, bugs can easily take over picnics, ruin campouts and even cause you some serious pain in your own backyard. Some bugs can be kept at bay with sprays and protective clothes, but others will need to be taken care of by a good pest control company. You have to know your enemies before you can get rid of them, so below is a list of some of the most common summer insects:

Red Fire Ants

One of the more painful summer insects you may encounter is the fire ant. Fire ants originally came to the United States as an unwanted stowaway on a cargo ship from South America. While they can be found in most parts of the country, fire ants are more commonly seen in the south because of the warmer year-round soil temperatures. Fire ants can be found by locating their large nests, which can be around four square feet in size, and they usually sting when they believe their mounds are threatened. Stings will leave any intruder with a burning, red welt, which looks similar to a small pimple. To be protected from their nasty sting, it is best to avoid interfering with fire ant nests and to make sure your home is properly sealed. If you have a fire ant problem that can’t be resolved with avoidance, make sure to look into pest control services. Fire ants signal each other through pheromones, so you’ll need to have the colony professionally and thoroughly exterminated to make sure they can’t relocate and rebuild.   


There are few bugs worse than mosquitoes. Even if you step outside for a mere minute, mosquitoes always seem to be able to leave their itchy mark on you. The worst thing about mosquitoes, though, is they are surprisingly deadly. Mosquitoes carry a number of dangerous diseases like malaria (which 212 million people contracted in 2015), West Nile virus, Zika and yellow fever. Mosquitoes are mostly active during summer and lay eggs on the surface of standing water, like that found in rain gutters or bird baths, which makes them a serious threat to your backyard BBQs. To make matters worse, mosquitoes can smell the carbon dioxide given off by human breath, so they’re able to find you long before you can swat them away. If you find yourself always being swarmed by mosquitoes, take some measures like wearing loose clothes and using oscillating fans to protect yourself from their bite.

Blacklegged Ticks

Blacklegged ticks are another summer pest that can cause you long-term harm. Blacklegged ticks can carry serious illnesses like babesiosis and Lyme disease, which can affect you as well as your pets. These ticks are active during warmer seasons and can be found in the eastern portion of the United States, from areas as south as Florida to northern areas like Maine. They can be found in long grasses, making them a problem to anyone who may live in a rural area or who has a neighbor that neglects their yard. To protect yourself, use repellant and protect your legs by wearing pants tucked into long socks. If your yard has recurring problems with ticks, enlist the help of pest control to assure the safety of your family and pets.

It’s easy to get swept up in the idea of summer fun and forget about some of the troubles it brings. Identifying the insects that you encounter will help you learn how to best protect yourself and your family. Pests are annoying, but usually wearing protective clothing and avoiding them is enough to keep them at bay. However, if you’re still struggling with irritating insects, you should call Apple Pest Control so you can enjoy your summer outside worry-free.