spider safety tips

September is normally a pretty glorious time to spend outside in Texas. It’s finally starting to cool down, which means you no longer dread working in the yard, in the garage or dusting off the grill for a cookout. With more time outside, though, there is a higher chance of exposure to unwelcome creepy crawlies like spiders. It is important to be cautious when working or enjoying the outdoors, so here are five spider safety tips to avoid spider bites.

  1. Check for spiderwebs – Before committing to outdoor activities, inspect for any visible spiderwebs, particularly in corners and undisturbed areas. If you come across an empty web, it should be safe to remove. While removing webs may not eliminate spiders, it will encourage the inhabitant to move on – and build elsewhere.
  2. Be aware – Even if you do not discover any spiderwebs, it is important to understand spiders can still be present. Frequently check the area for small critters, especially if you’re moving things around. It is also crucial to know that spiders are usually active early in the morning and at night. Try to plan your outdoor work time in the afternoon, if it’s not too hot.
  3. Wear protective clothing – Possibly one of the most effective steps you can take to avoid a spider bite is to cover up. Utilize gloves, long sleeve shirts, pants and closed-toe shoes to safeguard your skin. For extra protection, it is suggested to tuck your pants into your socks. And do not forget to shake out your shoes before putting them on.
  4. Use a natural repellent – Repelling pests does not require chemicals. Spiders and other insects are averse to many essential oils, such as peppermint, eucalyptus or tea tree oil. Add several drops of essential oil to water and spray it on your clothes or dab it on to your skin to ward off spiders. The natural repellent can also be used around your workspace or area where you’re hanging out.
  5. Do not disturb – Most spiders will not come out and bite you simply for disturbing them. Chances are you will see them first. If you do come across a live spider, do not attempt to remove it without proper tools. Not all spiders are harmless, so it is best to not take your chances with an unknown arachnid. The best option in a live spider situation is to contact a pest and spider control specialist.

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