Organic Commercial Pest Control

organic commercial pest control
Close your eyes and imagine your commercial property. When you step through the doors, what do you see? People? Great! Products? Awesome! Pests? Uh oh. It doesn’t matter if your commercial building is a restaurant, warehouse or something in between. It should always a be a no-fly/crawl zone for pests. In addition to worry-free maintenance plans, we’re happy to offer environmentally friendly options for green and organic commercial pest control in San Antonio and the surrounding areas.

The Benefits of Organic Commercial Pest Control

When treating a commercial building for pests, going organic can make a big difference. Make sure to ask about chemical-free or environmentally friendly options for keeping bugs, rodents and wildlife away.

  • Lower your carbon footprint
  • Pests won’t develop a resistance to organic pest control
  • Won’t harm landscaping
  • It’s highly targeted to specific pests

Lower Your Commercial Building’s Carbon Footprint

Whether you want to protect people, produce or other products from pests, opting for an organic solution has many benefits. One of the most appealing reasons, besides getting rid of insects, rodents and more, is lowering your carbon footprint. With Apple Pest Control, you can treat your building for everything from aphids to zebra butterflies without the harsh chemicals that negatively impact surrounding plant life and the environment. Want to go totally organic? Ask about how completely natural essential oils can keep your home pest free.

Tackles Pesticide Resistant Pests

Unfortunately for the agricultural industry, pests have been known to develop a resistance to chemical treatments over time. This has led the majority of them to use pesticides less frequently and integrate non-chemical pest control into their routine. If your commercial building has always been treated with chemicals, chances are that a resistant group of pests has survived and reproduced. Pest control companies have seen great success toppling these resistant pests with naturally occurring and chemical-free solutions.

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Have questions about our commercial pest control services? For more information on one-time or recurring organic commercial pest control, give our team a call today. We’ll walk you through several options for treating your commercial building safely and organically.