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Office Pest Control

Now more than ever companies are working hard to provide a comfortable work environment for their employees. A big part of that? Working in a pest-free environment. Nothing ruins an office birthday party like cockroaches in the cake. There are enough distractions in a lively office, pests shouldn’t be one of them.

While keeping the office nice and tidy can go a long way in preventing common office pests such as rodents, ants and cockroaches. Sometimes buildings are just more vulnerable to pests. Apple Pest Control is here to help you with extermination, prevention and removal.

Common Office Pests

Wildlife Removal

While your employees may follow office hours, wildlife doesn’t have to. In Texas, it’s not uncommon that wild animals will make their way into office buildings. Common offenders include raccoons, armadillos, birds, bats, skunks, squirrels, and opossums. It’s hard to run a productive business when you have a bird flying around indoors. We provide safe and humane wildlife removal.


If you’ve started to notice the remains of cockroaches or even see roaches hanging out boldly during business hours chances are you have a cockroach infestation. Did you know that cockroaches can trigger asthma and allergies? A sick employee isn’t a productive employee. Keep your office healthy, productive and safe with roach extermination.


Team members enjoying lunch at their desks, not cleaning up kitchen counters or not emptying the trash often enough can all lead to unwanted insects. Along with the carpenter ant, fire ants are prevalent in San Antonio and the surrounding areas. While the carpenter ant isn’t as dangerous as the fire ant, they are still a potentially wasteful nuisance. Don’t let ants feast on your food, ruin your wiring and yard. Contact Apple Pest Control now.

Our Other Commercial Pest Control Services in San Antonio

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For more than three decades Apple Pest Control has provided safe and reliable pest control services to San Antonio and the surrounding areas. Ask about our organic pest control options, which are perfect for companies that are striving to be more environmentally friendly. Contact Apple Pest Control to learn more about what we can meet your office pest control needs!

Apple Pest Control offers a wide variety of commercial pest control services. We also offer Hospitality Commercial Pest Control, Property Management Pest Control, Warehouse Pest Control, Retail Commercial Pest Control, Restaurant/Food Service Commercial Pest Control, Healthcare Commercial Pest ControlCommercial Pest Prevention and more!