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Retail Pest Control

When you manage or own a retail business, it’s essential that you maintain a clean storefront with retail pest control services. A clean storefront makes your customers happy and keeps them coming back for more great experiences. Unfortunately, pests such as cockroaches, ants, and rodents sometimes find their way into a retail store and can make quite the mess of things.

It’s essential for storefronts to schedule regular retail pest control services. It’ll ensure you have a safe and clean place for your customers to shop.

Common Pests Found In Retail Stores


When it comes to commercial retail spaces, it can be argued that cockroaches are the most common pests found. While they tend to hide in dark places like underneath shelves and within the cracks of a wall, cockroaches in a retail store can be very annoying.

This is especially true if you carry food items. A carrier of a variety of diseases, it’s important to hire a retail pest control company to ensure they eliminate them at the source of the problem.


Ants work in groups. If you see one walking around your retail store, you can almost guarantee there are much more to follow. Whether ants are in your store because food crumbs were on the floor, or they were trying to escape the outside heat, shopping where there are ants is never a fun experience.


While your retail customers may not notice signs of termites, you better believe these pests are leaving their mark on your business. Destroying your retail store from the outside in, termites are never good to have. They eat away at wooden beams, eventually causing cosmetic damage to your store as well. Regular termite inspections are essential to keeping your business pest free.


Certainly a problem your guest will notice immediately, having rodents in your retail store in a big no-no in today’s shopping environment. Rodents can cause hundreds of dollars in damage to wiring, structural beams, and cosmetic surfaces. Add on any damage to products that are stocked in the back, and you’ve got a pricey problem on your hands.

Why Apple Pest Control For Your Retail Pest Control?

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