Office pest control

Property Management Pest Control

As a property manager, you want the properties you manage to be in the best possible shape. You want existing tenants to be comfortable and happy and potential residents to be impressed and excited about the prospect of renting on your property. One thing that can quickly turn off tenants is pest infestations. In Texas, it’s common to see cockroaches and mosquitos but with proper and regular maintenance you can keep pest problems under control.

Residential Property Management Pest Control

If you are the property manager at a residential community like an apartment complex or even rental homes, it’s important that residents feel safe. In San Antonio apartments surrounded by trees and brush can quickly attract pests such as cockroaches, termites, spiders and wasp nests. While some of these are dangerous to the building’s structure, such as wood-eating termites, other of these pests are harmful to residents.  For residents allergic to wasps a nest could be deadly. You need proper and professional pest control to get the residents at your property safe.

Commercial Property Management Pest Control

As a commercial property manager, your properties may be the operation ground for several different types of businesses. One property may be the operating location for restaurants, business offices, service-based businesses and more. Just as you don’t want your tenants running into spider webs or finding rodent droppings, they don’t want their customers and clients seeing that either. Keeping your property pest-free could be the difference between a lease renewal or a tenant moving to a new location.  

A Pest Control Company You Can Depend On

Since 1984 Apple Pest Control has supported San Antonio and the surrounding area’s pest control needs. Whether you need a specific removal or extermination or just ongoing regular pest control maintenance, you can trust Apple Pest Control. Our services include organic commercial pest control, ant control, bee removal, fleas and tick, bed bug removal, cockroach extermination, mosquito control, snake removal, wildlife removal, gnat control, termite control, wasp removal, and more. Schedule your service today!

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