Commercial Pest Prevention

Commercial Pest Prevention Tips

Your business is your livelihood. Regardless of if you are in the hospitality field, a retail environment, a food service business, or a traditional office, pests usually are unwelcome guests that can hinder or even shut down business operations. Here are a few things you can do to prevent pests in your business.

Keep It Closed

Make sure that doors and windows aren’t left open unnecessarily. Quickly address openings in walls, doors, windows, and garages. Even the smallest cracks can be a gateway to cockroaches, rats and more. Remember some rats can squeeze into spaces as small as a quarter.

Reduce The Allure

Pests are attracted to places that can provide shelter, water or food. Often offices and warehouses don’t recognize their risk of attracting pests if they don’t deal directly with food in their business. However, a busy break room, a birthday cake in the conference room, or even just a hardworking employee who eats lunch at their desk can be a magnet for pests. If you can, having a regular cleaning company come out weekly it is ideal. Additionally, encourage employees to clean their desk at the end of the day, wipe down places where food may be and seal any food they keep in the office or at their workstations.

If your business works with food, it is essential that you keep your garbage sealed and closed. While the scent of a smelly garbage might send most of us running, rodents smell an all-you-can-eat buffet.

Hire A Professional

One of the best ways you can prevent pest infestation in your business is by having a professional regularly come and spray to keep bugs, rodents and other pests away. Along with preventative applications, a pest control professional can identify areas of risk and early signs of infestation. Depending on your industry, business location and the building itself, your need for pest control maintenance will vary.

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