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Bringing some unique pest control issues to the table, having pests in your warehouse can quickly get out of hand. Between the multiple entry points and large doorways, pests can walk through your front door without you even noticing. This can be a massive point of concern for owners who are having a warehouse pest control problem.

To keep your warehouse safe from pest control issues, it’s important to schedule regular treatments. By doing so, you’ll resolve your pest issue quickly and give you the confidence of delivering a pest-free product to your customers.

Common Warehouse Pests


As mentioned earlier, there are many entry points to a warehouse. When you have inclement weather outside, you’re mostly laying out the welcome mat for rodents to make themselves at home. This can be a significant problem. Rodents can eat through electrical wires and cause electrical damage to the structure.

To make matters even worse, they’ll get into your storage crates and cause problems to products as well. Pest control is essential to remove these pests from your building.


Cockroaches have a way of getting under your skin. This is especially true for warehouses. They thrive in dark, cool places such as behind boxes, in crates, and anywhere else they would like to call home.

This is not only annoying but can be extremely dangerous for you and possible customers. Cockroaches are known to carry various diseases which are harmful to human health. To remove cockroaches, you must eliminate them at the source.


While you may not be able to notice termites damaging your warehouse at first, we can assure you they’re causing some significant damage. Eating their way through walls and flooring termites can cause devastating infrastructural damage.

From wooden beams to cosmetic damage with drywall, you better believe they are leaving their mark. If you want to keep termites away from your warehouse, schedule regular inspections with our pest control service. We’ll keep your business pest-free and ready to take on the challenges of the workday.

Why Apple Pest Control?

In the pest control business since 1984, the experts at Apple Pest Control know how to remove pests like rodents, cockroaches, and other creatures from your warehouse. With a long-standing history of honest and dependable hard work, you can always depend on our technicians to show up on time. We’re ready to take on any job and do so to the best of our abilities.

Contact us today to schedule an appointment and ask about our warehouse pest control services!

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