venus flytrap facts

The Dionaea muscipula, or Venus flytrap, is an interesting, carnivorous plant. To put it nicely, the Venus flytrap is more of a living death trap for surrounding insects. The species is one of nature’s baffling inventions that shows us just how amazing Mother Nature truly is. These alien-like plants have been a source of mystery and legend for centuries. Here are five fun facts about Venus flytraps:
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Rare insects

5 Rarest Insects and Where to Find Them

Just when you thought nature couldn’t get any weirder, you find out there are a variety of things insects eat and there are also more than a million insects out there that haven’t even been discovered. Of those that have been discovered, there are thousands of insects going extinct and becoming increasingly rare to find. Check out some of the rarest insects on Earth…these certainly aren’t your common household pests.
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Insect diets

Bugs… Do you ever wonder what they eat? They can’t possibly eat everything. Can they? The myth is that insects in your home survive off of leftover foods and spilled drinks. But this isn’t the only way they live off of your home. Let’s take a look at what fuels their fire.
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Most common Texas insects

Between cowboys, longhorns and championship basketball teams (Go Spurs!), Texas has earned a reputation for being a bit on the tough side. It also has its fair share of insects and other creepy crawlers to add to its ruggedness. At Apple Pest Control, we like to help homeowners in Texas understand the bugs they come across every day. So today we answer the question:
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does essential oil help keep bugs away?

At Apple Pest Control, we make a living by keeping your homes free of pests. We’ve picked up a few tricks along the way. In addition to professional pest maintenance, here are a few pro tips to maximize your pest-fighting efforts.
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Snake removal in San Antonio

At Apple Pest Control, we’re no stranger to snakes. While the majority of the snakes we encounter are not venomous, it’s never a bad idea to have a gameplan if you happen to stumble upon a serpent.

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Pest Control company in Helotes

As you may have noticed, just got an exciting new facelift! We are ecstatic to bring you a clean, fresh look and tons of new information. We’ve made it easier than ever to schedule your pest control and lawn service appointments online, and learn more about the pests you may encounter in your day to day life. Be sure to check out the rest of our new pest control blog for professional tips and tricks as well as some good old fashioned bug humor.
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prevent pests with mint

Fleas, ticks, mosquitoes, ants, mice and more can be a major nuisance both in and outside of your home. Luckily, if you’ve got a knack for gardening, cooking or landscaping, you can design a pest-repellant yard that is both beautiful and multi-functional. But what about man’s best friend (dogs) and man’s cool-but-standoffish roommate (cats)? Plants like Citronella, Eucalyptus and Tansy that are known for the pest-repelling properties are also toxic to dogs and cats. Don’t worry! You can still repel pests safely and naturally with pet-safe plants. Read more

fire ant stings

We often associate venom with snakebites, but did you know fire ants have it, too? If you’re unlucky enough to be injected by fire ant venom, you’ll likely suffer from small, red welts that are itchy, swelling and painful. In the worst case, you could even have a severe allergic reaction. Here’s how to mitigate the damage.

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spider pest control san antonio

Let’s be honest, most people are terrified of spiders.
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