How do you get rid mosquitos

During the summer, there’s a good chance you’ll be bitten by a mosquito. Mosquitoes go through their life cycle faster in warm temperatures, which means they’ll be around all season to ruin your block parties and family barbecues. If you find you’re being bit more in your yard than your neighbor’s, you may need to employ some of these tips for mosquito control so you can get back to enjoying your summer fun in peace.

Watch the Water

One of the first moves you should make is ridding your yard of any stagnant water. Mosquitoes can lay their eggs on any amount of standing water so it’s important to be thorough when looking to eliminate potential breeding grounds. Some items to consider emptying or removing are rain gutters, birdbaths, potted plants, garden ponds or even puddles.

Yard Maintenance

Another measure you can take is maintaining your yard and using mosquito treatments on any foliage. Mosquitoes often seek refuge in bushes, trees and even weeds, so clearing any overgrowth will help prevent them from finding a new home in your yard. Any remaining plants should be sprayed once a month with insecticide on both the top and underside of their leaves. If you don’t wish to use a chemical insecticide, natural mosquito treatments like essential oils can help protect your yard, as well.

Filtered Pools

If you’re having difficulty enjoying your yard because of an influx of mosquitoes surrounding your pool, basic maintenance can help you reclaim that space. The best preventative is having a running pool filter, as mosquitoes don’t lay eggs in filtered pools. If possible, use a pool cover to stop them before they can even get to the water.

Bug Lights

Mosquitoes often swarm around light sources and make warm, summer nights almost unbearable. If you want to make your outdoor lights less bug-friendly, start by replacing any incandescent or LED bulbs with a yellow bug light. Bug lights emit wavelengths that aren’t as easily seen by bugs like mosquitoes. While you won’t get rid of all the mosquitoes, you’ll significantly reduce your chances of attracting a swarm with this mosquito treatment.


The last tip is to use an oscillating fan, which is one of the more popular proven forms of mosquito control. Mosquitoes can easily find humans because they can smell the carbon dioxide given off in their breath, and, according to a New York Times article, it’s one of the chemicals mosquitoes find most attractive. Oscillating fans serve as protection because they disperse the carbon dioxide, which will make you harder to find.

Sometimes the best way to tackle a mosquito problem can be as simple as turning on a fan – or if you have a bigger problem, professionals like Apple Pest Control may need to intervene. While you will never be rid of mosquitoes, there are many ways to protect yourself and your yard so you can enjoy your summer outside as mosquito-free as possible.