What are the most common bug allergies

Do you constantly find yourself bit or stung? Have you had allergic reactions to different kind of bug bites? Here are the three most common bug allergies and their symptoms.

Fire Ants

Fire ants are everywhere in the warm, summer months. For some people, their bites cause a little red bump that itches for a week or so then goes away. For others, it can cause a serious allergic reaction called anaphylaxis. Anaphylaxis can show symptoms in several different parts of the body. Normally the fire ant bite will swell up and become very irritated. It can also cause swelling of the throat and tongue and even nausea and stomach problems. If you get bit by a fire ant and start to feel any of the symptoms, seek medical attention immediately.


Bee stings can result in a variety of reactions. Some bee stings cause mild reactions like pain at the time of the sting and a small, red welt. Some can cause moderate reactions like extreme redness and a welt that grows in size within the first couple of days. But some people have severe reactions, including everything from itching, hives and discolored skin to nausea vomiting and erratic heart pulse. If you have any symptoms of a severe reaction, go see a medical professional right away. The tricky thing about bee sting allergies is that the first time you get stung, you can have mild reactions and the second time they could be severe.


When living in a hot, humid place, mosquitos in the spring and summer are inevitable. Most of the time, their bites are just an itchy nuisance that goes away after a couple of days, but sometimes people can have allergic reactions that make them much worse. Children, or if you get bitten by a type of mosquito you have never been bitten by, are more likely to have worse reactions. The more severe reactions have symptoms like a large area of swelling, hives, swollen lymph nodes and even fever. If you are prone to getting bit by mosquitos, try wearing the mosquito preventative bracelets or spray.

Bugs are just a part of life, but bug allergies don’t have to be. If you find yourself always irritated by bug bites, call Apple Pest Control today for ways to prevent bugs in your home and backyard.

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Mosquitoes are vectors for many diseases like West Nile and Zika. It is important to know how to protect yourself from them and help prevent their breeding sites around your home. Below we have gathered and listed simple steps to stop mosquitoes from getting out of control:

  • Birdbaths: Clean Weekly.
  • Chain Link Fence: Cap or seal uncapped fence pipes.
  • Containers: Cover or turn upside down.
  • Decorative Ponds: Stock with fish that eat mosquitoes.
  • Drains: Keep outdoor drains flowing.
  • Flat Roofs: Inspect for puddles after it rains.
  • Irrigation: Do no overwater.
  • Lawn Ornaments: Check for areas that hold water.
  • Tool Sheds: Clean weekly and keep covered.
  • Playground: Drill drainage holes in tire swings and any playground equipment that holds water.

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