What to do if you have a raccoon in your home

In Texas, it’s not unheard of to wake up with a squirrel, opossum, raccoons, armadillos or snakes in your home. Surrounded by nature even in the busiest areas, wildlife can often make its way into the houses of unexpecting San Antonio residents. Today we are sharing what you should do in the event that a wild animal is trapped in your home.

Don’t Panic and Keep Your Distance

The truth is that most wild animals invade residential areas in search of food and are often more frightened of us than we are of them. If you discover you have an uninvited guest in your home, ignore your initial instinct to chase it, scream or throw a frying pan at it. Remain calm and move slowly. If you react in any way that might be interpreted as aggressive, the animal may get defensive and react aggressively. If possible, try to keep it closed in one room until help can arrive.

Try to Trick It Outside

Depending on where you discover the wildlife intruder, it may be easier to maneuver it outside. Again, keep your distance, but if you find it is easy to get them outside then do so. What does this look like? If you walk into your kitchen and notice a raccoon on the sink, perhaps open the back door (if your kitchen has one) and toss a piece of bread to draw them out. While you cautiously watch them at a distance, make sure to call a humane wildlife removal company.

Call The Professionals

Although some of these creatures may be adorable in cartoons, remember that many animals can transmit diseases to humans and you should be cautious. A local pest control company like Apple Pest Control will know how to safely capture and remove wildlife from your home. Apple Pest Control provides San Antonio and Helotes residents with safe and humane wildlife removal, so you don’t have to feel bad about calling a pest control company.

Find The Entry Way

After the animal has been removed, make sure you locate how they got inside to avoid it happening again. While it may be easy to discover where larger animals like opossums and armadillos “broke in”, smaller animals as snakes and rats can easily fit into smaller spaces that you may not even notice. Apple Pest Control also offers wild animal exclusion to help you reduce the risk of another occurrence. Our wild animal exclusion services include chimney caps, gnaw-proof netting and one-way exclusion doors.

Protect your home and your family today. Call the pest control experts San Antonio trusts, Apple Pest Control. (210) 319-4191