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Spider bites can be a terrifying experience. While many spiders are harmless and their bites do not need medical attention, some spider bites are a cause for concern. If you’ve been bitten by a spider, there are steps you can take to minimize harm and take care of yourself properly.

Determine what kind of spider bit you

The type of spider that bit you will indicate how serious the bite is and whether you can treat it at home. Most spiders in the United States are not dangerous, and many are not large or strong enough to puncture the skin. However, you may have been bitten by a black widow or brown recluse spider, whose bites will require medical assistance. Look up pictures of the spider that bit you and determine if it is a black widow or brown recluse. This will help you determine if you need to seek out a doctor for treatment.

Decide if you need medical attention

If you have been bitten by a dangerous spider or cannot determine the type of spider that bit you, go to the doctor immediately for further evaluation. If you are experiencing symptoms such as severe pain, abdominal cramping, excess swelling or breathing issues, the bite is urgent. Black widow spider bites cause pain, stiffness, abdominal pain, chills, fever, and nausea. Brown recluse spider bites cause intense pain, and the area around the bite is characterized by a blue or purple tinge and a possible red ring. A doctor can determine the seriousness of the bite and decide further treatment if necessary.

If not, treat the bite at home

If you have been bitten by a harmless spider, you may have an itchy wound, but the spider has either left harmless venom or was too weak to inject any venom at all. Clean the wound using soap, water, and antibiotic ointment. Apply an ice pack to the bite and take an antihistamine medication if needed. You can also elevate the bitten area to help with swelling.

Check up on the bite

If a bite causes you to develop more serious symptoms, seek out a doctor. It is better to be safe than sorry when it comes to spider bites.

If you often have to deal with spiders in your home, you should look into finding a form of spider control. The experts at Apple Pest Control can help you avoid an infestation of spiders, dangerous or not, in your home. By removing spiders from your home, you remove the risk of dangerous spider bites in the future.