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A squirrel infestation isn’t something you, as a homeowner, want to experience for any reason. If you can pinpoint the signs of squirrels in your attic before it becomes a major issue, you can avoid severe damage to your home. Here are a few signs you may have squirrels in your attic.

Hearing Strange Sounds in the Morning or Evening

The squirrel’s regular nesting time is during the morning and evening. If you’re hearing an abundance of noises during these times, this is one major sign you have squirrels living above you. Listen for pattering, scratching and light thumping.

Seeing More Activity Than Usual Around Your Home

If you’ve noticed a lot more squirrels running around your property than usual, this is another thing that could confirm that you have a squirrel problem. If possible, watch them for a few minutes and see if they congregate to your roof. This is a sure sign that you have squirrels in your attic.

A Noticeable Bad Smell

One of the most surefire signs you have squirrels living in your attic is the strong smell of urine and droppings when you enter your attic. Along with the smell, actually seeing the feces is another obvious sign that you have a squirrel issue.

Finding Nests in Your Attic

Along with your insulation, squirrels will bring and use outside materials such as grass and sticks to make nests inside of your attic. Look for missing insulation or strange piles of fluff in your attic – this is a nest made by a squirrel to be used as a habitat.

You shouldn’t have to deal with a pest control situation by yourself. If you suspect you may be experiencing a squirrel or pest infestation, contact Apple Pest Control for a safe and humane removal done by experienced and honest professionals!