The kitchen is the heart of the household during the holidays. As it gets colder, bugs and other pests will undoubtedly look for shelter in your home – and for food in your kitchen. Don’t wait until a few unwanted guests show up at your Christmas dinner! Here’s a few tips for keeping your kitchen pest-free.

Clean Your Dishes Immediately

Food that’s been left out can attract all kind of bugs looking for a midnight snack. Be sure to rinse your dishes immediately after use, and store them in your dishwasher/dishrack. Doing a quick wipe-down of your countertops after doing the dishes can also help ensure there are no crumbs left out to attract pests.

Store Where It’s Cold

If you can store it in the fridge/freezer, do it. Rodents can chew through plastic, paper and cardboard, but they have a much harder time getting to your groceries if they’re stored in the fridge.

Take Out the Trash

A full trash can is basically a giant all-you-can-eat-buffet for bugs and other pests. You should never let your full trashcan sit in your kitchen for more than a day. Take it out as soon as it’s full to keep pests away.

Call Pest Control

Most of the tips listed above are ways to prevent pests, but what if you already have a roach/ant/rat problem? Call us at Apple Pest Control, and we’ll get your home back to pest-free in no time! We can safely remove bugs, rodents and even snakes. We also offer organic pest control options that are chemical-free.

Pests aren’t paying the rent! Avoid those unwanted guests with the tips above or get rid of them with the help of our pest control professionals. Got a pest problem you need solved now? Schedule a service with us today!