Bug-Proof Your BBQ

How to Bug-Proof your BBQ

At this point in the late summer, it is almost impossible to not have unwelcome guests arrive at your BBQ. We’re not talking about those cousins you hardly ever hear from, either – we mean bugs. Keep reading to find out how you can bug-proof your next cookout.

Keep up with your yard

Overgrown grass not only ruins the last minute pick-up game in the backyard but also hosts many unwanted bugs that can put a damper on your summer BBQ. Keeping your lawn well groomed, as well as planting natural insect repelling herbs and flowers (citronella, lavender), can play an effective role in bug and mosquito prevention.

Have bug repellant on hand

After all of your preparation and planning, there might still be a few mosquitos and/or wasps that manage to get by. It is not a bad idea to have a couple bottles of mosquito repellant out and ready for guests to use, in addition to a can of wasp spray for those few that try and ruin the summertime fun.

Cover your food

It is no secret that both flies and ants love to make an appearance when the food is served. Ants, in particular, are attracted to sweets, proteins and grease-based food. The simple act of covering your food while it is sitting out will help prevent flies and control ants. Covering your food doesn’t have to be fancy, either. It’s as simple task of wrapping your food in leftover foil that will keep you free of pests and in the company of happy BBQ guests. Or better yet, just serve your food inside.

Have your home pretreated

A great way to ensure that all mosquito, fly, ant and wasp appearances are kept at a minimum is to call out a pest control service prior to your summer BBQ. A pest control company can perform safe wasp removal services, ant control and much more. For more information on how you can ensure you have a bug-proof summer BBQ, visit Apple Pest Control.