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With San Antonio and the surrounding areas being so warm most of the year, insects are usually a common presence in our lives. Our first instinct is to spray bug killers, but many of the most popular bug sprays are actually full of harmful chemicals. So what do you do to get rid of your bug problem? Do you have to search for all-natural bug sprays?

Apple Pest Control wants to help you find solutions to all of your bug problems. If you’re educated and aware of the best techniques to defend your home, you’ll be prepared to help both your home and the environment.

Why Use Natural Bug Repellent?

Bug sprays that use insecticides and pesticides are designed to kill living organisms. While they work to kill the insects that are bothering you, they also spread into the environment and kill other bugs who are constructive to the outdoor system. Those bugs can then be eaten by other animals who are then exposed to the chemicals and could be affected, as well.

These chemicals are even dangerous for children and pets to be around! If you use a chemical bug spray, it is important to keep your family and animals safe from exposure. It has been proven that some carcinogenic qualities can be found in these sprays. You wouldn’t want to track the chemicals into your home and not know where they sit for years.

Natural bug repellent is meant to do just that – repel. Without the chemicals used to kill bugs and insects, firmly repelling bugs from entering the home or settling in the yard is effective.

Effective DIY Bug Repellent

If you do decide to go natural when using bug repellent, buying expensive, natural bug sprays is not your only option. Homemade repellents actually work really well when introduced into the ecosystem. Plus, they don’t disrupt the existing flora and fauna. Below are a few of the peskiest bugs and the natural recipes to repel them.


Spiders really dislike peppermint and lemon, so having these essential oils on hand is a good idea if you’re seeing a large spider presence. Add peppermint and lemon oil drops to a spray bottle, and treat all entryways and cracks. In fact, spiders’ taste buds are located on their feet, so the oils are sure to dissuade some of those spider friends from staying in your home.


Clove oil is a great weapon against cockroaches. A few drops in a spray bottle could deter them from collecting. Also, an entire clove and Epsom salt placed under the sink or in cabinets could be a larger fix.


Wasps can be very dangerous once they’ve already built a nest. You may need to seek professional help to get rid of the nest. However, there are several things that could deter wasps from settling on your home or in your yard altogether. Planting citronella, mint and eucalyptus in your garden is a great start to deterring wasps. Using each plant’s essential oils under the eaves and on your property is even better.


The smell of coffee grounds blocks ants’ sense of smell. You can scatter coffee ground around your property to try to keep them away.


A large majority of bugs dislike the scent and taste of vinegar. If you need a general bug deterrent or a stronger option, placing vinegar along the entryways is a great way to repel all kinds of insects without actually hurting them.

Need For Professional Help?

If your bug problem becomes too much for you to handle, allow Apple Pest Control to figure out a solution for you. We’ll make sure those pests don’t bother you anymore. Give us a call today!