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When you think about the great outdoors, you may not think much about the vegetation outside your home. Many South Texas plants can attract beneficial insects, but they can also lure pests. It’s crucial to monitor the outdoor areas surrounding your household to prevent a potential bug problem in the future.

At Apple Pest Control, we strive to provide top-tier pest control services in San Antonio! Our team prioritizes the well-being of our client’s households. Read ahead to learn what plants and weeds attract certain insects, and how you can deter pests from your yard!

Common San Antonio Plants For Pest Control

San Antonio has a variety of plant species, many of which interest bugs! Some of these insects are harmless and offer many benefits to your yard. However, you should be mindful that some plants can attract pests if not maintained.


Dandelions are one of the more common weeds in Texas, but they are not a direct threat to your lawn! In fact, these plants attract beneficial insects, such as ladybugs and honeybees. They also repel destructive pests, specifically armyworms.


Marigolds are sought after for their vibrant colors and aesthetic appeal. Yet, they are also known for driving away pests like mosquitoes and aphids. Aphids can stunt plant growth by deforming their leaves and transmitting diseases.

Additionally, marigolds attract bees, which can help pollinate your vegetation! Ultimately, marigolds help your garden thrive and keep away harmful insects. The next time you’re at a plant nursery, you may want to look into these flowers!


Many botanical lovers grow lemongrass in their gardens. This plant is often used to create an essential oil, which acts as a mosquito repellent. The smell of lemongrass can also ward off flies, preventing an annoying bug problem.

Plants And Weeds That Attract Pests

Many plants and weeds are useful for repelling pests! Unfortunately, some vegetation can attract harmful insects, which can lead to some major issues for your lawn. In order to prevent this problem, you may want to research which plants growing in your yard. A few plants to watch out for are:

  • Fruits and vegetables
  • Roses
  • Peonies
  • Carrion flowers
  • Clovers

These plants are prone to attracting harmful bugs. If you have any of these growing in your yard, you may want to invest in pest-repelling plants to maintain the integrity of your lawn. Otherwise, a professional can conduct pest control services for your convenience.

How To Deter Pests From Your Yard

Apart from investing in beneficial plants, there are a few simple methods for deterring harmful insects from your lawn. Certain essential oils repel bugs, such as geranium, cedarwood and cinnamon bark. You can also remove or limit the number of weeds growing in your yard to reduce the number of insects outside your home.

Professional Lawn Care Services In San Antonio

Apple Pest Control is fortunate to have served San Antonio and surrounding areas since 1984. Our goal is to help maintain your landscaping by preventing pesky bugs from infesting your lawn. If certain bugs have become a frustrating issue, we’re here to help! Contact us today to schedule a pest control service!