Snake removal in San Antonio

At Apple Pest Control, we’re no stranger to snakes. While the majority of the snakes we encounter are not venomous, it’s never a bad idea to have a gameplan if you happen to stumble upon a serpent.

Most people react in one of three ways when encountering a snake:

1. Freeze with terror

Apple Pest Control Snake Removal
It can’t see us if we don’t move, right?

2. Run for the hills

Apple Pest Control Snake Removal
Cardio isn’t our strong suit.

3. Pack your bags and move.

What To Do If You Encounter A Snake
There are snake-free neighborhoods out there, right? RIGHT?

Thanks to movies and a general lack of snake knowledge, homeowners assume that all snakes are dangerous, immediate threats to their home and bodies. Here’s some information on what to do if you encounter a snake, from people who deal with snakes on a weekly basis.

San Antonio Snake Removal
(Proof: Here’s our tech Aaron with a snake.)

If you do happen to encounter a snake, follow these steps.

1. Stay Calm
Apple Pest Control Snake Removal
The chances are that the snake saw you before you saw it – and it wants nothing to do with you. If it hasn’t retreated, it will lay still or release a warning sound.

2. Move away from the snake. We repeat, move away from the snake.
San Antonio Snake Removal
That means don’t walk up to it, poke it with a stick, try to pick it up, etc. We recommend retreating a safe distance away but keeping an eye on the snake. If you can, use your camera or smartphone’s zoom to snap a quick picture of the snake. This will help your local pest control company to identify the snake.

Two of the most commonly confused snakes are rattlesnakes and the Gray Ratsnake (formerly the Black Ratsnake). Gray Ratsnakes use this to their advantage, and will even shake their tail against dry leaves to mimic the warning sound rattlesnakes make.

3. Know the difference between a venomous snake and a non-venomous snake.
Unfortunately, the easiest way to tell is by looking at the snake’s eyes. (Many people would rather not get that close.) Venomous snakes generally have elliptical pupils, with non-venomous snakes having round pupils. The coral snake, however, is very venomous and has round pupils. There are always exceptions. Other telltale signs of a venomous snake are fatter bodies with a wider, triangular shaped head.

San Antonio Snake Removal
Elliptical, bad.

Helotes Snake Removal
Round, good.

Pest control companies like ours, give snakes priority. If there is a poisonous snake in or near your home, we want to get there as quickly as possible. Professional snake removal can cost anywhere from $89-$129. If you have a recurring snake problem, consider having a professional place a repellent around your home. They will start at the perimeter of your home and move outwards to your property over time to avoid trapping the snake within your property.

For snake removal in San Antonio, Helotes or the surrounding areas, give Apple Pest Control a call!