prevent pests with mint

Fleas, ticks, mosquitoes, ants, mice and more can be a major nuisance both in and outside of your home. Luckily, if you’ve got a knack for gardening, cooking or landscaping, you can design a pest-repellant yard that is both beautiful and multi-functional. But what about man’s best friend (dogs) and man’s cool-but-standoffish roommate (cats)? Plants like Citronella, Eucalyptus and Tansy that are known for the pest-repelling properties are also toxic to dogs and cats. Don’t worry! You can still repel pests safely and naturally with pet-safe plants.

Our Favorite Pet-Safe, Pest-Deterring Plants


Mint isn’t just great for cooking. Its oils are proven to repel fleas, ticks, ants, mice and moths. Mint is an invasive plant, so you’ll want to put it separately from your garden (unless, of course, you want an all-mint garden). Hidden pots below the soil and decorative pots above are easy ways to add mint outside and inside of your home. Want to keep ants out of your pantry? Add a bundle of mint to your shelves.


This kitchen favorite can do double duty. Rosemary, a member of the mint family, will add subtle flavor to your roasted veggies while providing the same protection you receive from spearmint and peppermint. Try planting rosemary in an herb bed near your outdoor living space. In addition to its delicious aroma, you’ll get to enjoy a mosquito-free day or night outside.


When you hear “Chamomile” you’re probably thinking of a calming tea or a soothing bubble bath with anti-inflammatory properties. You probably aren’t imagining a plant so wonderful that it will keep fleas away from your home and yard. These daisy-like plants add a whimsical touch to any garden. It has been said that planting Chamomile will improve overall plant health in any garden. Whether that’s true or not, its sweet apple scent is enough to keep us planting Chamomile in our gardens!

These are only a few of your options for natural pest repellents. Head to your local plant nursery to discover the options available to you. Remember to double-check that any plant you take home is safe for any pets that may encounter it.