Organic Pest Control San Antonio

When we think “organic,” the first thought that comes to mind may be the healthy selection of fruits and vegetables available at the local grocery store – or maybe even the type of chemistry that involves carbon. It’s not often that our thoughts go to pest control, although a variety of organic pest control options are readily available!

It is understood that organic equals all natural and chemical free. In reality, organic is a label for a selection of chemicals that are less toxic and are more eco-friendly. However, some “organic” products are still harmful to the environment and can be detrimental to your home. When it comes to organic pest control, dependable pest control companies take a more natural approach and choose products with low toxicity. The best methods for this include essential oils and the use of Bug Out™ Weep Hole Insect Barriers, both of which are chemical-free treatments.

Essential Oils

Essential oils are great for a lot of different reasons. One of those reasons is due to their natural ability to repel insects and other pests from your home. Cedarwood, Geranium and Cinnamon Bark are excellent pests repellents that protect your home. The fragrances emitted by these oils deter unwanted intruders and have minimal impact on the environment.

Bug Out™ Weep Hole Insect Barriers

Weep holes are spaces left the brick and the wall frames to allow ventilation throughout your home. These spaces are often perfect hiding spots for pests like lizards and snakes and other small insects. Bug Out™ Weep Hole Insect Barriers works to close off these spaces from outside critters and pests while continuing to allow them to function as intended.

Other Eco-friendly services

There are a variety of different chemical-free options available for deterring pests from your home. These include services like caulking cracks and crevices around the house, copper mesh installation around the home exterior and more!

There are excellent benefits to the use of greener pest control services. Not only do these alternatives lower your carbon footprint, but insects and pests also will not develop a resistance to them, as well.

When looking to use organic pest control as a positive alternative for your home, it’s crucial to enlist the help of a reputable pest control company that handles the eco-friendly and low-toxicity products responsibly and effectively. If you’re ready to switch to a safer and greener pest control alternative, call Apple Pest Control today!