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Below, you can find several of the most commonly asked questions about bug infestations. Additionally, you can find a few pest control tips! Keep reading to learn all about how to handle those creepy critters in your home.

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1. How Long Does Treatment Take?

The time it takes to treat your home or space depends on several things. It could range from 30 minutes, if the pest infestation is minor, to several hours, if it is major. Additionally, if the property is large, this could add on time to cover the entire area.

2. How Long Does It Take For Treatment To Work?

On average, it should take about one to two days for pest treatments to kick in.

During this time, you may see an increase in insect or vermin activity. Fear not, as this is a good thing! It means the pesticides have disrupted their cycles of feeding and nesting, and it won’t be long until they are gone.

For full efficiency, give the treatment a week or two to fully work. If the infestation continues, you may need a second round of treatment.

3. How Are The Pests Getting Inside?

There are many ways bugs and rodents can get inside your home. Pests like roaches, ants and mice can enter through the smallest cracks and crevices, especially around windows or doors. Spiders can crawl up trees or bushes next to your home, and find their way in.

To help reduce chances of bugs getting inside, eliminate or trim any trees or shrubs surrounding your property.

Additionally, place any firewood away from your home or property, and try stacking it above the ground. Pests tend to nest in between logs on the ground, so doing this makes it harder for them to set up camp on your property.

4. Is My Pesticide Treatment Going To Last Long?

Most organic pesticides work anywhere from 60 to 90 days. After this, you may need another round of treatments, but this can depend on factors, like weather, or any kind of home improvements, like landscaping.

5. What Should I Do Before My Home Is Treated?

Before treatment, you should put away any dishes, toys or loose objects. All clutter in rooms should be cleared, so pest control specialists have easy access to spaces. Additionally, cleaning your floors or under appliances by sweeping and mopping can help too.

6. Do I Need Pest Control Even During Colder Months?

Pesticide treatments are highly important year-round, especially during winter or colder times of the year. When it’s cold outside, rodents and insects are drawn into your home by the warmth inside.

To reduce this, try eliminating moisture in certain areas of your home that can attract roaches or other pests, such as basements or attics. Being proactive can help reduce the chance of someone in your home getting sick from allergies or viruses brought in by rodents.

7. What Can I Do To Pest-Proof?

  • Seal all cracks or holes you find in your home or outside.
  • As mentioned earlier, keep firewood away from your home and stacked above the ground to prevent nesting, if you can.
  • Install screen vents for any chimneys you have, or ask about Apple’s weep hole services to fill in any openings in your bricks.

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The longer you wait to take action for pest treatments, the more severe infestation can become. Additionally, it might take several treatments to terminate whatever bug or rodent has set up camp in your home or property. For all San Antonio bug repellent concerns or questions, contact Apple Pest Control for tips and ask about organic treatments. In case your infestation involves bigger animals, ask about humane wildlife removal services!