Pest control companies that spray for ants

If you live in Texas, you know the weather changes all the time. The cold days don’t stick around as long as the warm days, but we still have a winter – usually. Pesky bugs that crawl and fly around you in the warm months almost seem to completely disappear in the winter months. While you might not see as many bugs during winter,  that doesn’t exactly mean they’re not there. They’ve just found a place to hide until it warms up. Ever found yourself wondering, “Do I still need to spray for bugs in the winter?” The answer is yes.


Winter temperatures affect the bug’s food resources, causing them to use the energy stored in their bodies. Since the resources are limited, bugs have to slow down to conserve that energy.


Since they’re not in their peak season, winter is the prime time for you to do what you can to prevent bugs from coming back. You can do some year-round practices to limit the number of bugs that try to make their way back into your home.


A few ways to prepare ahead of time:


  1. Keeping your house clean
  2. Avoiding large amounts of trash
  3. Trying your best to close food containers and packaging


Bugs search for dark and warm places to spend their time during the cold season of the year. These places typically include basements, closets and pantries. A pantry is a perfect spot for a bug to rest during the winter – not only because it’s dark and warm but there is easy access to food. That’s why it is so important to make sure your food is properly packaged and sealed.


The wintertime is also the best time to spray for bugs. The spray that pest control companies use can be broken down by high temperatures, rain and sunlight. Those three things are less of a factor during the winter months. When the winter pests are kept outdoors, your home becomes a healthier place to cozy up in without the worry of anything disturbing the peace. You can also safely host holiday celebrations and family gatherings without the worry of something crawling out of the walls.


The winter months in Texas may not have the coldest temperatures, but the pests are still looking for a nice and warm place to escape. Take action and make the necessary precautions to make your home bug-free this winter. Contact Apple Pest Control today for an appointment.