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Do Horseflies Actually Bite?

Imagine this scenario: you’re sitting on the back porch of your home, laughing as you watch your kids and their neighborhood friends play a wild game of tag. It’s a hot summer’s day, and everyone’s faces and necks are glistening with sweat.

All of a sudden, one child lets out an ear-piercing wail and comes running up to you with tears streaming down her face. She holds out her arm for you to see a raised bump beginning to form around a red bug bite. She must have been bit by a horsefly!

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Are Horseflies Aggressive?

Wondering how you can fend off these annoying insects and their painful bites? Here are some facts about Horseflies that can safeguard you and your family from future attacks:

Horsefly Characteristics

Horseflies are relatively easy to identify thanks to their unique coloring. The front section of this bug is usually white with a few black lines, while the back section is solid black. Horseflies prefer warmer, muggier climates, which is why they are a common sight in states like Texas and Florida.

They can be found throughout North America in the summer and are usually spotted buzzing around in the daytime rather than the nighttime.

Are Horseflies Attracted to Humans?

Horseflies do not target humans specifically. They are attracted to any dark, moving object that lets off carbon dioxide. That’s why animals such as dogs, cows, and horses suffer from many horsefly bites in the summer.

These insects are persistent as well! They are known to chase their target if they don’t get a proper bite the first time.

What Happens If You Get Bit?

Though horsefly bites are painful, they do not usually leave a permeant mark or impact one’s health for an extended period of time. This insect’s jaw, or mandible, is strong enough to penetrate one’s skin so that it can snack on some blood. A horsefly’s bite is painful for a moment and usually includes a combination of some of the following, such as:

  • a prickly, burning feeling
  • minor inflammation
  • swelling around the area that was bitten
  • itchiness
  • minor bruising

How To Treat Horsefly Bites

If you get bit by one of these pesky, overgrown flies, treating the affected area is simple and easy. Clean the raised bump with an ointment or antiseptic and monitor it for a few days.
Some signs of infection are strange smells coming from the bite or drainage leaking from the wound.

If you notice any of these signs or are experiencing a rash and difficulty breathing, contact a doctor immediately. You may be suffering from an allergic reaction!

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