common pet pests

Fleas, ticks and other pests can be harmful to animals due to the potential risk of viral, bacterial or parasitic infections. Some of these diseases and viruses can be fatal or cause life-long complications that can make your animal’s life less enjoyable. Here are some of the most common pests for pets – a few you likely know about and some that might surprise you.


Fleas feast on blood and often choose dogs and cats as one of their favorite blood sources. They reproduce rapidly, so it is hard to keep them off once a single flea has latched onto your pet’s fur. Fleas can jump hundreds of yards from host to host, so it is quite easy for animals to come in contact with fleas through other animals or the environment.


Ticks are similar to fleas in the way that they use animals as a food source for blood, although they are more harmful since they also carry bacteria and diseases. Female ticks are uniquely harmful since they are capable of releasing a toxin that can potentially paralyze your pet.

Flea and tick control should be taken seriously when an infestation is first detected, since it could lead to more serious health concerns.
Critters like ticks and fleas are obvious irritants, but what are some other pests that can affect your furry friend?

The most common pests aside from fleas and ticks that harm pets include cockroaches, ants and mosquitoes. These pests can live both inside your home where your pet sleeps and relaxes or outside where they play and run. So whether your pet lives inside or outside, there is truly no escape from these pesky creatures.


Cockroaches and other bugs can be harmful to your pet upon ingestion. Additionally, they pose a risk of contaminating your pet’s food or water. Not only do they carry different bacteria and diseases that are harmful to humans, but they also carry parasites that can cause stomach worms in animals.


Most ants bites are harmless. However, fire ant bites can result in severe consequences that can have lasting effects on your family and pets. Fire ant venom can be deadly to smaller animals and humans with known allergens. Symptoms of fire ant bites include collapsing, fatigue and anaphylaxis.


Many may not know that mosquitoes can bite animals just as they bite humans. Mosquitos are known to transmit various diseases, and they can also be heartworm carriers. In extreme cases, if left untreated, heartworms can result in death.

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