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Despite their name, bed bugs can be found in many places beside your bed. Although it’s highly common to find bed bugs calling your bed their new home, the truth is bed bugs just prefer any habitat that’s surrounded by humans.

If you want to know more about where you can find them or if you need a treatment service, Apple Pest Control is only one phone call away. We offer San Antonio pest control services that specialize in bed bug treatment. Wherever you find bed bugs in your home, we can help you get rid of them!

Different Places Bed Bugs Can Be

If bed bugs get their names by the places they call home, here are some of their other names:

Wallpaper Bugs

One of the places that bed bugs love to live is in your wallpaper. Because they are only about the width of a credit card, they can easily move into small spaces and crevices. For example, if you have any loose wallpaper or wall hangings, bed bugs may be now claiming that space as their home.

Baseboard Bugs

Baseboards are another place to look for bed bugs if you have found a room ridden with pesky little creatures. The baseboards, or even the junction where the wall and ceiling meet, are the perfect places for bed bugs as an alternative living space.

Furniture Bugs

Because bed bugs are similar to mosquitos in that they prefer to feed on humans, you will always find them in the human environment. Therefore, the next best thing for bed bugs other than living in your bed is to be living in the cushions of your couch.

Mattress Bugs

Even though you can find bed bugs in more than just the bed, the first spot to check for them is always in a mattress. If you find an abundant amount of them outside of the mattress, that means that the infestation has expanded past the bed.

How Bed Bugs Get Inside Homes

One in five Americans experience bed bug infestations inside their homes. With that being said, they’re more common than you think. Now that you have that information, you may be wondering how they get into your home.

Well, the answer to that is there are several different ways that they do. They can get into your home through cracks around your house and other areas that are hard for us to reach. Their main goal is to try and reach for any food source they can get themselves to and they work hard to do it.

Apple Pest Control Services

At Apple Pest Control we offer services to help treat bed bug infestations here in San Antonio. Our main priority is for our customers to be comfortable inside their homes without any unwanted insects.
Our team knows how to handle any of your pest control needs and they’ll make sure everything is good before they leave!

Rely On Your Local San Antonio Pest Control!

When it comes to getting rid of bed bugs, at any degree of infestation, our best advice is to call a professional. This way you can ensure your bed bug problem will be put to rest. Call Apple Pest Control today to talk with a professional about the next steps!