close up of Grass snake curled up with tongue out

Texas is home to lots of different creepy crawlers, including many that look more dangerous than they really are.

Here at Apple Pest Control, we’re proud of our reputation as a dependable wildlife removal company and the knowledge our team has accumulated over the years, working with a wide array of critters.

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Read on for more information about five critters that are often mistaken for other pests and why they camouflage in plain sight.

Silverfish And Centipedes

Silverfish and centipedes are two common pests that can look incredibly similar as they scurry across your floors.

Both are between ½ an inch and 1-inch in length with lots of long, spindly legs and antennae. Silverfish and centipedes tend to blend right in with their surroundings due to their striped coloring and smooth bodies.

These insects can be black, tan, brown and grey, making them easy to miss in dark corners or under furniture. Their muted coloring allows them to camouflage in plain sight and evade capture from potential predators.

Moths And Wasps

Did you know that there’s a certain species of moth that looks almost exactly like a wasp?

Wasps can be deadly when aggravated, yet the Texas wasp moth that copies its coloring is harmless. Though most moths only come out at night to avoid predators such as birds, the Texas wasp moth’s coloring allows it to roam freely during the daytime.

The striking black and yellow stripes on a wasp act as a powerful deterrent for most animals, warning them of danger. The Texas wasp moth’s coloring is so similar that it’s also spurned by other animals – and repels humans as well!

Bull Snakes

Bull snakes are extremely common throughout Texas and are often mistaken for rattlesnakes.

Rattlesnakes are venomous and their bites can be deadly, while bull snakes are nonvenomous. Both reptiles tend to live in the same habitats and move in a similar fashion, rearing up and making a rattling sound with their tails when they feel threatened.

Bull snakes copy the rattlesnake’s noise to intimidate potential predators and warn them away. However, bull snakes lack the distinct stripes and diamond pattern that many kinds of rattlesnakes have on their backs.

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