mouse sitting in a group of fallen leaves

The fall season is almost upon us here in San Antonio, and as the summer wanes, so do those pesky summer pests. With the arrival of cooler temperatures, however, comes a whole new host of critters too.  

Texas pests can be an extreme yet unavoidable annoyance to homeowners. While these creatures are bothersome year-round, fall pests can be particularly troubling as the cooler weather might drive them into your house. Be sure to keep an eye out for the following home invaders:

  • Kudzu bugs
  • Fire Ants
  • Grubs
  • Spiders
  • Rodents

Kudzu Bugs

The kudzu bug is an invasive species that is originally native to Asia. Kudzu bugs arrived in the United States in 2009, first appearing in Georgia, and have since been identified throughout Texas and in San Antonio.

While kudzu bugs are not particularly dangerous and won’t necessarily cause you any home or property damage, they do emit an offensive odor when killed, as they’re related to stink bugs. If you do see a kudzu bug in your home and want to avoid any foul smells indoors, trying to capture the bug and take it back outdoors might be your best course of action.

Fire Ants

If you’re native to Texas or San Antonio then you’re probably already aware that fire ants are one of the most common fall pests in the area. Similar to kudzu bugs, fire ants are an invasive species that arrived in the United States from South America. They don’t hesitate to sting or attack anything that comes close to, or threatens, their nest. 

Fire ants are typically more active in the fall as they will be searching for food to sustain their colonies throughout the winter. While we might typically advise you to steer clear of fire ants because of their unforgiving stings, you should definitely address these painful Texas pests if they appear in your home or are active on your lawn this season. At Apple Pest Control, we offer ant control services and organic service options that can help address your infestation issues. 

Grubs/Other Small Insects

Small insects such as mosquitoes and grasshoppers can be troublesome and hang around your home well after the Texas summer heat has abated. Grubs are one pest that, although they’re small, can pose a large problem to many Texans as they emerge during the fall season. 

In the fall, insect eggs left behind during the summer begin to hatch. The grubs that emerge from these eggs will then begin to eat away at your grass’ roots, causing much of your lawn to turn brown and die. In this way, grubs can cause extremely expensive lawn damage and completely transform your home’s outward appearance and appeal. 


When grubs, small insects, and other tiny Texas pests enter your home they can also attract spiders. While most spiders are harmless and will actually help you eliminate some fall pests, San Antonio is also home to some dangerous species of spiders like brown recluses and black widows. 

While you can address spiders in your home by eliminating other pests first and destroying any webs that appear indoors, you should contact professionals if you identify any dangerous species in your home or think you might have a spider infestation.


Rodents are one of the most common fall pests in Texas. Be sure to seal any cracks or openings in your home’s exterior, because once these pests enter your home they can cause a variety of (potentially expensive) issues. 

Once they enter your home, rodents tend to chew through wires, damage insulation, break drywall, urinate and spread feces. Rodents also multiply rather quickly, so a singular rodent in your home can quickly turn into a number of rodents in a rather short period of time. In the event that rodents are multiplying in your home, you should seek out rodent control services in the San Antonio area. 

Pest Problem? Contact Us!

It’s very likely that you’ll encounter at least one of these common Texas pests this fall. When you do, we’re here to help. At Apple Pest Control we’re family-owned and operated, and we prioritize providing honest and dependable services to our clients. Our pest control specialists provide a wide range of services, including ant, mosquito, and rodent control. 

Contact us at Apple Pest Control if you have a pest problem that you need professional help addressing. Make an appointment or request services through our website to start addressing your fall pest problems and infestations as soon as possible. If it bugs you, it bugs Apple! Schedule your pest control services today.