Popular bugs

Villains and bugs have one thing in common: their intrinsic evilness. But do you ever wonder what kind of pest your favorite villain would be if he or she were in a bug movie? From comic book characters to children’s movies, here’s a breakdown of a few villains and the types of bugs they most identify with.

Lord Voldermort

As Lord Voldemort took hold of the Dark Arts in the Harry Potter series, the cockroach embraces the darkest areas of your home. Whether you’ve seen one creeping behind your dirty laundry hamper or crawling around your washing machine, these tiny creatures are just as evil and scary as the on-screen villain. If you’ve seen one too many of these in your home, call a pest-control muggle.

The Joker

The Joker is often pictured rubbing his hands together in a devious, yet creepy way – just like the common housefly. Just when you think they have left you alone, they are back to buzz in your ear and ruin your nice afternoon. Either way, the twitchy nature of both the fly and The Joker will leave you wondering what comes next.

The Wicked Witch

The Wicked Witch of the West is depicted as a green-skinned witch who ruins Dorothy’s trip to Oz. Similarly, the green stink bug can ruin anyone’s day after releasing the foul odor it uses as a defense mechanism. This smelly bug will get you, and your little dog, too

Freddy Krueger

Just like Freddy Krueger attacks during night time, the bed bug also strikes while you’re sleeping. While the bed bug won’t kill you, this stubborn parasite can leave behind itchy bites that will have you scratching for days. One…two they’re coming for you.

From on-screen to in-home, it’s easy to see that bugs and villains have a lot in common. If you have any evil pests that you need handled, contact us to schedule a pest control appointment today. Our team of experienced exterminators, not only help get bugs under control but can spot areas of risk.