There are many pests that naturally try to seek warmth during the winter. Most of the time, the warm places that they find are inside of your home. This winter, you should be prepared and learn about the pests that could be living in your home. Termite control or even wildlife removal may be needed for the upcoming season.


San Antonio has extremely high termite activity. These pests will get into your home and begin to destroy everything they come in contact with. Termites remain active during the winter, especially in a warm home. If termites find a way into your house, the entire colony will thrive in the warmth. You can stay on the lookout for termites in your home by looking for mud tubes, wings and wood damage. Termite control will be needed for an infestation before too much damage is done.


If you live in San Antonio, you probably know all about the many crickets that live here. Swarms of crickets seek warmth in your home during the wintertime. You may see crickets crawling on your trees, walls, and around your home this winter. Crickets make loud noises and can be a very annoying pest to prevent this winter.


This winter, you may not be thinking about these creepy crawlers hiding in the warmth of your home. Spiders love living indoors. If they are surviving in your home, they will continue to stay there. They remain very active during the winter season and can begin to have babies in the cracks of your home.


Rats and mice can be very dangerous when living in your home. These rodents are looking for holes to get into your house and find warmth. Rats can bring disease into your home this winter that can harm your family’s health. Rats are known for having babies and bringing their whole family into your house. If you have a rat infestation this winter, contact a professional company for wildlife removal San Antonio homeowners can trust, such as Apple Pest Control.

Winter in San Antonio may not entail super cold temperatures, but these pests will definitely still be searching for a warm area to escape to. Trust Apple Pest Control, your local San Antonio Pest Control, to get the pests out of your home for good. Contact us today for an appointment.