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Managing Pest Control in Your Apartment

It’s difficult to imagine feeling safe and secure at home when dealing with intruders. Now, what if those intruders were pests sucking your resources dry and making it excruciatingly frustrating to live in peace? Now that is quite the headache!

Just because you don’t own your home doesn’t mean you should suffer through annoying pests in your San Antonio apartment! Here at Apple Pest Control, we provide the solutions you need to all of your pest control questions — including how to handle pests in apartments.

What Options Do I Have For Pest Control?

If you live in an apartment, chances are your management has a pest control process in place. Your apartment complex is usually liable for keeping the complex habitable, including dealing with infestations if they should arise. This is why most apartments are treated by a pest control specialist regularly.

It’s in your best interest to notify your apartment management of any pest concerns as soon as you notice them. The longer that pests are allowed to live in your space, the worse the problem can become. From fruit flies to cockroaches to rodents, no pest problem resolves itself on its own.

DIY San Antonio Pest Control

If you’re waiting for your pest control appointment or are simply trying to curb the presence of pests in your apartment, there are some homemade solutions you can try.

Fruit Flies — Fill a shallow dish with apple cider vinegar and cover the top with thin plastic. Poke a few holes in the plastic so that when the flies are drawn into the solution, they can’t get back out.
Spiders — Combine equal parts vinegar and water in a spray bottle and spray all cracks, openings and entrances to deter spiders from entering your apartment.
Cockroaches — Use a shallow dish of beer to send those cockroaches fleeing! Another thing you can try is leaving sliced cucumbers near entry points to deter cockroaches.
Silverfish — Sprinkle boric acid in the moist areas of your apartment — like the kitchen and bathroom — to deter silverfish and other wingless insects.
Ants — Mix sugar, Borax, and water ( you can even add a little peanut butter) to form a paste. Place the paste on a piece of cardstock and leave it near the ants’ entry points. They will take it back to their nest and die.

If these home remedies don’t work or the presence of pests continues, it’s best to depend on professional pest control.

What Brings Pests Into My Apartment?

It may seem like your doors and walls are solid enough to keep insects and other pests out, but that’s not always the case! Pests can be drawn to your apartment for a variety of reasons, and some of them can be controlled to discourage pests from moving in with you.

Shelter From Outdoors

When harsh weather hits, pests are eager to seek shelter just like humans. In this case, your warm, clean apartment feels like a 5-star hotel to them!

Pests will do anything to get into your apartment if it means surviving, and that means squeezing through any crevice they can find around your doors, windows and drains. You can always replace your window sealant and door weatherstripping, but some pests will persist until they enter your space.


Once pests enter your home, you want to make it as difficult as possible for them to hide and make their stay permanent. Any built-up clutter within your home makes for a fantastic nest for them to live in. Anything from cardboard boxes to storage containers to trashcans can look like the perfect home to insects and rodents. Even areas like storage closets or attic spaces are at risk for invasion!

Although past memorabilia may be difficult to part with, it’s best to declutter your home as much as possible to discourage any pests from overstaying their welcome.


What’s a home without a good meal? Unfortunately, your apartment can become an all-you-can-eat buffet for critters — and you can bet they aren’t paying for their food, let alone tipping the chef!

Leaving crumbs on the floor, dirty dishes piled up or food unsecured in your pantry for extended periods can all lead to pests thriving in your home.

Humidity And Access To Water

Pests are also drawn to ample water sources. Of course, you can’t just stop using water at home to fix the problem. But there are things to avoid to prevent the accumulation of pests near water sources. Fix any leaky water faucets, avoid having water sit idly in the home and regularly clean under your sinks and other water-adjacent areas.

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