Celebrities are like bugs in a lot of ways. Mainly because they exist whether we like it or not. If you’re dying to see which insect best fits the hottest celebrities, below we have a list of stars stirring up the latest Hollywood buzz – all pun intended.

Angelina Jolie – Black Widow

Black Widows get a bad reputation because they’re deadly. Angelina got a bad reputation for wearing a vile of blood around her neck, which I’m sure she sucked out using her tiny spider fangs. Additionally, spiders can have up to 1,000 babies at a time. I don’t think Angelina is there yet, but she’s awfully close.



Morgan Freeman – Jiminy Cricket

Like Mr. Cricket, I would listen to any life advice Morgan Freeman offered me. And even though we’ve never met, I trust his judgement. I also think he’s encouraged a little wooden puppet to become a real boy just by suggesting it.



Taylor Swift – Praying Mantis

Praying Mantises lure in their mate and once they’ve gotten what they wanted from the mate, they bite their heads off. Sounds a lot like a feminist millionaire with a squad of super model friends. Also, I feel like if I ever saw Taylor Swift crouch down, she’d look a lot like a Praying Mantis.



Steve Buscemi – Earthworm

Honestly, he just looks like a human-sized earthworm to me. Like, if an earthworm miraculously turned human, it would have a lead role in Boardwalk Empire.



Maggie Smith – Ladybug

Ladybugs are some of the cutest bugs out there, but I get the feeling that if you were ever to speak with one, they’d be really sassy. I get that same feeling about Maggie Smith. She’s incredibly brilliant and sweet and old, but she could put you on blast without batting a giant blue eye.



Kanye West – Cockroach

Cockroaches are incredibly resilient. In fact, they can live several days without their heads. Because of this, cockroaches are difficult to get rid of, as is Kanye West. I actually think I saw a cockroach the other day, wearing Yeezy clothing and advertising its excessive debt.