Crazy Ants Extermination

“What is that?”

“They look like little ants.”

Randomly scattered in the corner of our office were little bugs. Within a week they seemed to be everywhere. We couldn’t find the source. We couldn’t even Google the right terminology for this mysterious insect crawling around our office, but we knew one thing; we had an infestation. It seemed like they were falling from the sky. These little black insects mysteriously crawling across our keyboards, running across our desks and basically taking over.

We should get some bug spray when we go to the store.” It was time for our monthly birthday celebration and we figured we could get some bug spray when we went to pick up the cake to nip this problem in the bud.

Within an hour our office smelled of the rich citrusy aroma from the bug spray. Sadly the only thing it killed was our nasal senses. This pungent over-the-counter bug spray should have just been labeled as an air freshener. It did nothing to stop the bugs from running around.

Knowing we needed help to handle our little problem we knew what we had to do.

I’m calling Apple Pest Control.”

When our team called Apple, we hoped that they would be able to get us on their schedule the next few days but they actually fit us in that day!

Towards the end of the day, George came in and sprayed our office and identified our uninvited guests as, “Crazy Ants.

George was so friendly and let us know exactly what he was doing and what we needed to expect the next few days. There was no intense or dizzying smell of pesticides when he left. In fact, had we not seen him spraying there would be no sign that he came in.

Apple Pest control on the job


The next day when we came into work, we still saw the bugs except for on that day they were dead!

No more looking for a tissue to crush an ant as it dashes away. No more worrying about insects falling into that warm cup of coffee.

Apple Pest Control did a fantastic job! If I ever have a pest control problem at home, they will be my first call. They will also be the first call Leadhub makes if we ever have another pest issue. Thanks, Apple.


This blog post is a guest post from Dia Darling at Leadhub.