does essential oil help keep bugs away?

At Apple Pest Control, we make a living by keeping your homes free of pests. We’ve picked up a few tricks along the way. In addition to professional pest maintenance, here are a few pro tips to maximize your pest-fighting efforts.

Essential Oils For Pest Control

You may have heard of this new trend in the health world. Essential oils have so many uses for beauty, wellness, cleaning, and now, pest control! Treating your home with essential oils is a great, environmentally friendly way to supplement your professional pest control services. You can drop about 10 drops of an essential oil and about a ½ teaspoon of dish soap into a spray bottle, and mix with water. For things like ants, aphids, caterpillars, flies and ticks, peppermint is a great natural deterrent. Other popular essential oils for pest control are citronella, lavender and cedar wood. If you’re interested in using essential oils for your pest control, give us a call! We can educate you on the best essential oils to combat your specific pest problems.

Remove Food Supply

Another good way to keep pests away is taking preventative measures before they become a problem. If you don’t have stone or marble countertops, you can wipe down your countertops with a water-vinegar solution to remove food and liquid particles that bugs can be attracted to. On the same note, always rinse juice containers and the like before disposing of them.


If you keep a garden at your home, you can plant some insect-repelling herbs and flowers around the perimeter of your house or keep a potted plant inside. Keep citronella outside, as it can grow upwards of six feet tall. Marigolds do best in direct sunlight. Catnip can be spread around plant beds for additional repelling power.

These pro tips can serve as a healthy addition to your professional pest control. And remember, to battle existing infestations or for pest control maintenance, call our team at Apple Pest Control.