Fleas are never something you want to see in your home, especially if you are a pet owner. While fleas aren’t too difficult to get rid of, it is still important to be knowledgeable about them to treat the infection correctly since they won’t go away on their own. 

What Are Fleas?

Fleas are small dark parasites that cling to skin and fur in pets. Their presence will cause itchy skin and will leave behind small specs or ‘flea dirt. They can also jump long distances which allows them to spread quickly. 

Will Fleas Go Away on Their Own?

You might be asking yourself will fleas eventually go away? While some could last 2 – 3 weeks, they could also live for up to 12 months on the host it finds, so it is unlikely they will go away on their own. Fleas can also reproduce very quickly by laying eggs in carpet, bedding, or garden prolonging the infestation. There is a greater chance of infection during the warmer months, especially in Texas because this is their prime breeding time. 

Due to all of these things, it is important to treat them as soon as you notice them. 

Take Preventive Measures

Before we get too far into the summer months it would be beneficial to your home if you get preventative prest control done by a professional. Pest control specialists can perform an inspection to identify potential problem elements and spray treatment in your yard and home to steer away fleas and prevent laying their eggs. 

For your pets specifically, there is a year-round medication they can be on that works to prevent fleas. 

I found a flea! How do I treat it?

Luckily there are many easy treatments for your pets if they get fleas such as medicated baths, brushing, and medications that can be prescribed. To help get rid of them from your home you should wash bedding, small carpets, and other fabric where they could be laying their eggs. For bigger carpet areas vacuuming is important to do. You can also buy a specific flea spray that will help get rid of them. 

However, the most efficient way to ensure they will be gone from your home is to have a pest control specialist come to your house and perform a treatment. 

San Antonio Flea Treatment

If you are in San Antonio, Helotes, Boerne, New Braunfels, or other surrounding areas and need professional help with flea treatment, Apple Pest Control is at your service. Contact us today for more information on flea treatments along with other service areas