pest infestation

Like us, bugs need food, water and shelter. However, unlike us, bugs assume they can get all those things for free by hiding in the dark spaces of your home. We’ve all come across one or two unwelcome guests, but how can we tell when those crawling freeloaders have officially moved in? Here are a couple of ways you can identify a pest infestation in your home.


Bugs, like roaches, ants, termites and bed bugs, all leave behind droppings. If you see lots of tiny, black dots resembling coffee grounds in the dark corners of your home, it may be time to call a pest control professional.

Bad Smells

You probably have never noticed a bug’s smell before. However, communities of certain bugs can actually produce very distinct smells. For example, large groups of roaches are known to give off an “oily” or “musty” smell. So whether the smell is from the old food they’ve helped themselves to or the bugs themselves, you’ll for sure notice an unpleasant order in your home if you have an infestation.

Wood Damage

Though small in size, large numbers of bugs cause major structural damage to your home if you let them. Piles of sawdust, peeling paint, hallow-sounding wood and tunnels or holes in the wood of your home could all be signs of a termite or carpenter ant infestation.

Webs And Egg Sacks

If you notice spiders setting up shop in the corners of your rooms, it’s probably a good idea to check the bottoms and backs of your furniture for egg sacks. These small, round, white sacks can hold thousands of little spiders that could lead to a full-on invasion in your home.

Roommates can be difficult, especially ones that bite, fly and crawl. If you have unwanted pests in your home that you’d like to evict, contact Apple Pest Control today to learn about their wide variety of San Antonio pest control services.